Rotterdam Records

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Rotterdam Records
Founded 1992
Founder Paul Elstak
Genre Hardcore Techno, Gabber
Country of origin Netherlands
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Official website

Rotterdam records was a Dutch record label begun in 1992. It released hardcore and gabber music.[1]


The label was set up by Paul Elstak who later quit Mid-Town Records to start his own label Offensive Records at Rige Entertainment. DJ Neophyte and DJ Panic took control of the label and three other labels (Forze Records, Neophyte Records & Terror Traxx). The label stopped in 2012 when Mid-Town Records went bust.[2]


In 1992, the label brought out the track 'Alles naar de klote' by Euromasters and 'Poing' by Rotterdam Termination Source, which came to number 2 in the top 40.


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