Rotterdam Terror Corps

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Rotterdam Terror Corps
Also known as RTC
Origin Rotterdam, Netherlands
Genres Hardcore techno, gabber
Years active 1993–present
Labels Megarave Records
Members George Ruseler
Cyriel Brandon
Past members Ricky Peroti
Patrick Moerland
Peter van de Plaats
Rob Janssen
Matthijs Hazeleger
Eugenio Dowart

Rotterdam Terror Corps, often abbreviated RTC, is a Dutch gabber act formed in 1993. Originally formed by five Dutch DJs (DJ Distortion, MC Raw, DJ Reanimator, DJ Petrov, and DJ Rob), currently there is only one of the original DJs left, namely DJ Distortion. DJ Petrov and DJ Rob left to pursue individual work. Reanimator (Patrick Moerland) produced the first album and left twice, the second time in 1995 permanently after an argument with DJ Distortion. In 2002 MC Raw was replaced by Cyriel Brandon, better known by his stage name "RTSier", due to health reasons. RTSier is since that time the MC and live performer on stage. The group has gained a notoriety for its use of eroticism, with each live performance containing female strippers and pyrotechnics. After MC Raw was replaced, he was still able to perform occasionally.

DJ Distortion (George Ruseler) is the main producer while MC Raw (Ricky Peroti) used to add vocals, this role now occupying RTSier.

Rotterdam Terror Corps has also worked with many other DJs and producers, including DJ Paul Elstak, Bass-D, The Headbanger, Neophyte, King Matthew, and Dr. Macabre.


  • Three Wasted Souls (Megarave Records, 1995).
  • Strictly Hardcore (Megarave Records, 1996).
  • Sick and Twisted (Megarave Records, 1997).
  • From Dusk till Doom (Megarave Records, 1998).
  • 5 Years RTC, The Remix Album (Megarave Records, 1998).
  • Constrictor (Megarave Records, 1999).
  • Fuck the Millennium (Megarave Records, 1999).
  • Schizophrenic (Megarave Records, 2000).
  • Unleash Hell (Megarave Records, 2002).
  • Giftbox (2005)
  • Giftbox 2008 (DVD)
  • Time To Kill Another One (Megarave Records, 2008)
  • I Will Never Surrender (Megarave Records, 2009)
  • Strictly Hardcore (Megarave Records, 2010)
  • Demonic State (Megarave Records, 2011)
  • Respect the Core (Megarave Records 2013)
  • Destiny (Megarave Records, 2014)

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