Rotting (EP)

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Sarcofago rotting.jpg
EP by Sarcófago
Released August 1989
Recorded 1989 at J.G. Studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Genre Black metal, Death metal, Thrash metal
Length 32:44
Label Cogumelo
Producer Gaugin
Sarcófago chronology
The Laws of Scourge
(1991)The Laws of Scourge1991
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link
Spirit of Metal 8/10 stars link

Rotting is an EP by the Brazilian extreme metal band Sarcófago. It was released in August 1989. Prior to recording, drummer D. D. Crazy left the band to join Sextrash, and M. Joker took over on drums. After a short tour, the band headed for the studios. The EP was licensed to Music for Nations in Europe, and in the US the cover was censored. Later, the CD was seized by the authorities from European importers and distributors, once again because of its cover.

The EP features a much more technical approach to their previous effort, I.N.R.I., and as opposed to a mass of short songs features minimal lengthy songs - the EP features 4 tracks on the album over 6 minutes in length. Tracy nearly reaches the 9 minute mark. The guitar recording has a peculiar method where the one guitar recording is played in both speakers with one having a slightly altered pitch to give the impression that two different guitars are playing precisely the same thing. The EP stays akin to death metal, featuring several tempo changes throughout and constant riff changes in odd song structures - Tracy has approximately 20 riffs, and the tempo can be clocked at around 260 beats per minute for most of them.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Lust" (Antichrist) 0:29
2. "Alcoholic Coma" (Antichrist) 6:07
3. "Tracy" (Antichrist) 8:52
4. "Rotting" (Antichrist) 7:05
5. "Sex, Drinks and Metal" (Incubus, Antichrist) 3:30
6. "Nightmare" (Butcher, Antichrist) 6:44