Rouf, Athens

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Rouf is located in Athens
Location in Athens
Coordinates: 37°58′25″N 23°42′13″E / 37.97361°N 23.70361°E / 37.97361; 23.70361Coordinates: 37°58′25″N 23°42′13″E / 37.97361°N 23.70361°E / 37.97361; 23.70361
Country Greece
Region Attica
City Athens

Rouf is a neighborhood of Athens, Greece. It is located in the west of the Athens' centre, between Piraeus and Petrou Ralli avenue. Rouf is named after a Bavarian businessman who, during Otto reign, bought large areas in this location to make a farm. When the railway passed from this area the local station was named Rouf.[1] So this area got a name. During interwar period a camp was built in Rouf. In 1947 the local team of Rouf was founded with name Asteras Rouf and later renamed to PAO Rouf.[2]


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