Rouge Croix Pursuivant

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Rouge Croix Pursuivant
Badge of the Rouge Croix Pursuivant.svg
The heraldic badge of Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary
Heraldic traditionGallo-British
JurisdictionEngland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Governing bodyCollege of Arms

Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary is a junior officer of arms of the College of Arms. He is said to be the oldest of the four pursuivants in ordinary. The office is named after St George's Cross which has been a symbol of England since the time of the Crusades.

The post is currently vacant.

Holders of the office[edit]

Arms Name Date of appointment Ref
Nicholas Serby (Henry IV)
Arms of William Boys.svg Richard Boys (Henry IV)
Giles Waster (Henry V)
Arms of Roger Legh (or Lygh).svg Roger Legh or Lygh (Henry V)
Arms of John Wrythe.svg John Writhe (Henry V)
John Mowbray (1422)
Arms of John Ashwell.svg Robert Ashwell (Henry VI)
Arms of James Billett.svg James Billett (Henry VI)
Arms of Roger Mallett.svg John Mallett (Henry VI)
Robert Dunham (Henry VI)
Arms of John Ashwell.svg Richard Ashwell (Henry VI)
Arms of John Ballard.svg John Ballard (Henry VI)
Arms of Sir Thomas Holme.svg Thomas Holme (Henry VI)
Arms of Thomas More (herald).svg John More (Henry VI)
Arms of Christopher Carlill.svg William Carlill (Edward IV)
Arms of Roger Stamford.svg Roger Stamford (Edward IV)
Arms of Richard Slacke.svg Richard Slacke (Edward IV)
Arms of John Water.svg John Water or Walter (Edward IV)
Arms of Thomas Benolt.svg Thomas Benolt (Edward IV)
Arms of John Water.svg Thomas Waters (Edward IV)
Arms of Thomas and Robert Browne.svg Robert Browne (Edward IV)
Arms of William Jennings.svg William Jenyns (Edward IV)
Arms of Thomas Tonge.svg Thomas Tonge (Edward IV)
George Berry (1484)
Richard Greenwood (1485)
(name unknown) (1492)
Arms of John Wrythe.svg William Wriothesley 1505–1509
Arms of Thomas Hawley.svg Thomas Hawley 1509–1515
Laurence de la Gatta 1515–1520
Arms of Thomas Wall (Garter).svg Thomas Wall 1521–1521
Arms of John Wrythe.svg Charles Wriothesley 1524–1535
Arms of Bartholomew Butler.svg Bartholomew Butler 1535–1538
Thomas Stevenson 1538–1540
Arms of Sir Gilbert Dethick.svg Gilbert Dethick 1540–1541
Arms of Sir Christopher Barker.svg Justinian Barker 1541–1543
Arms of William Flower.svg William Flower 1543–1546
Arms of Lawrence Dalton.svg Lawrence Dalton 1546–1547
Simon Newbald (Edward VI)
Nicholas Tubman 1551–1553
Arms of Hugh Cotgrave.svg Henry Cotgrove 1553–1566
Arms of Sir Gilbert Dethick.svg William Dethick 1566–1569
Thomas Dawes 1569–1580
Arms of Ralph Brooke.svg Ralph Brooke 1580–1592
Arms of Thomas Knight.svg Thomas Knight 1592–1604
William Wyrley 1604–1619
John Guillim 1619–1621
Arms of Augustine Vincent.svg Augustine Vincent 1621–1624
Arms of John Bradshaw.svg John Bradshaw 1624–1626
Arms of George Owen of Henllys.svg George Owen 1626–1637
Arms of Sir Edward Walker.svg Edward Walker 1637–1638
Henry Lilly 1638–1639
Arms of Sir William Dugdale.svg William Dugdale 1639–?
Arms of Robert Browne.svg Robert Browne (intruded)
Everard Exton (intruded)
Arms of Sir Gilbert Dethick.svg Henry Dethick, Esq. 1660–1677
Henry Ball 1677–1686
Arms of Charles Mawson.svg Charles Mawson 1686–1688
Arms of Samuel Stebbing.svg Samuel Stebbing 1688–?
Arms of Peter Le Neve.svg Peter Le Neve (Anne)
John Bound (Anne)
Richard Graham 1722–1725
John Pomfret 1725–1751
Alexander Cozens 1751–1752
Arms of Henry Hastings.svg Henry Hastings 1752?–1773
Arms of John Charles Brooke.svg John Charles Brooke, Esq., FSA 1773–1777
Francis Townsend 1777–1784 [1]
Arms of Edmund Atkinson.svg John Atkinson 1784–1794
Arms of Joseph Hawker.svg Joseph Hawker 1794–1803 [2]
William Radclyffe 1803–1823 [3]
Arms of Robert Laurie.svg Robert Laurie 1823–1839 [4]
Arms of William Courthope.svg William Courthope 1839–1854 [5]
Arms of James Robinson Planché.svg James Robinson Planché 1854–1866 [6]
Arms of John von Sonntag de Havilland.svg John von Sonnentag de Havilland 1866–1872 [7]
Arms of Stephen Isaacson Tucker.svg Stephen Isaacson Tucker 1872–1880 [8]
Arms of Sir John Bernard Burke.svg Sir Henry Farnham Burke, KCVO, CB, FSA 1880–1887 [9]
Arms of George William Marshall.svg George William Marshall, Esq., LLD, FSA 1887–1904 [10]
Arms of Sir Arthur Cochrane.svg Sir Arthur William Stuart Cochrane, KCVO 1904–1915 [11]
Arms of Archibald Russell.svg Archibald George Blomefield Russell, Esq., CVO, FSA 1915–1922 [12]
Arms of Henry Robert Charles Martin.svg Henry Robert Charles Martin, Esq., FSA 1922–1928 [13]
Philip Walter Kerr, Esq., MVO, FSA 1928–1941
Arms of John Riddell Bromhead Walker.svg John Riddell Bromhead Walker, Esq., CVO, MC 1947–1954
Arms of Sir Walter Verco.svg Sir Walter John George Verco, KCVO 1954–1960
Arms of Rodney Onslow Dennys.svg Rodney Dennys, Esq., CVO, OBE, FSA 1961–1967 [14]
Arms of David Hubert Boothby Chesshyre.svg (David) Hubert Boothby Chesshyre, Esq., CVO, FSA
1970–1978 [15]
Arms of Thomas Woodcock.svg Thomas Woodcock, Esq., LVO, FSA 1978–1982 [16]
Arms of Sir Henry Paston-Bedingfeld.svg Sir Henry Edgar Paston-Bedingfeld, Bt. 1983–1993 [17]
Arms of David Vines White.svg David Vines White, Esq. 1995–2004 [18]
Arms of John Michael Allen-Petrie.svg John Allen-Petrie, Esq. 2013–2019 [19][20]

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  • A History of the College of Arms &c, Mark Noble, (London, 1804)


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