Rouillon (Yvette)

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Le Rouillon 2.JPG
Rouillon river near Longjumeau
Country France
Basin features
Main source 48°40′47″N 2°12′42″E / 48.67972°N 2.21167°E / 48.67972; 2.21167
River mouth Yvette
48°41′6″N 2°19′11″E / 48.68500°N 2.31972°E / 48.68500; 2.31972Coordinates: 48°41′6″N 2°19′11″E / 48.68500°N 2.31972°E / 48.68500; 2.31972
Progression YvetteOrgeSeineEnglish Channel
Physical characteristics
Length 9.5 km (5.9 mi)

The Rouillon is a small river in southern Île-de-France (France), left tributary of the Yvette, which is a tributary of the Orge. Its source is in Villejust, north of Longjumeau, in the Essonne department.[1]

The Rouillon crosses the following départements and towns:

Rouillon river near Villejust


  • le ruisseau blanc

Special places[edit]

A bridge, call le pont des Templiers (templars bridge), considering as the older bridge in Essonne department, is nearby Balizy, an area of Longjumeau. It was built in the 13th century.