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Round Hill
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General information
Coordinates18°27′31″N 78°00′41″W / 18.45871°N 78.01141°W / 18.45871; -78.01141 (Round Hill Resort)Coordinates: 18°27′31″N 78°00′41″W / 18.45871°N 78.01141°W / 18.45871; -78.01141 (Round Hill Resort)

The historic Round Hill hotel and villa resort near Montego Bay in Hopewell, Hanover, Jamaica opened in 1952. It is located on a 100-acre (40 ha) peninsula that was originally a sugar plantation and subsequently changed to coconuts and allspice.[citation needed] It has entertained many celebrities and politicians including John F. Kennedy, Ralph Lauren, Paul Newman and Bob Hope.[citation needed] Ian Fleming was a frequent guest at Round Hill during his time in Jamaica.[citation needed]


Round Hill was conceived by John Pringle as a private haven for celebrities. Twenty-nine acres of the estate's land were set aside for the resort. Investors supplied money to build a hotel, and built their own cottages on the site. Shareholders have included Noël Coward, Adele Astaire, Bill Paley, Oscar Hammerstein, and Clive Brook.

Round Hill has been host to the Sugar Cane Carnival, a fundraising event for a Jamaican charity, for over 50 years.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

Scenes from the American movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back were filmed in Cottage 11.[citation needed]

A collection of Jonathan Routh paintings is on display throughout the property. Jonathan stayed at Round Hill frequently and painted scenes depicting Round Hill.[citation needed]

Scenes from In Like Flint starring James Coburn were filmed at the hotel in the summer of 1966. [2]

Round Hill was featured on the finale of The Amazing Race 7 with the final three teams finishing the first half of the episode at Villa 16.[3]

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