Île Ronde, Mauritius

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Round Island is an uninhabited islet 22.5 kilometres north of Mauritius. It has an area of 1.69 square kilometres and a maximum elevation of 280 metres. The island has been a nature reserve since 1957 and is administered jointly by the National Parks and Conservation Service and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.[1]

Rare reptiles that are endemic to Round Island include the Round Island skink, Round Island day gecko, Round Island Boa, and the extinct Round Island Burrowing Boa.[2]

Rare plants endemic to the island include the bottle palm.[3]

The inconclusive Battle of Île Ronde was fought off the island by British and French naval squadrons on 22 October 1794.

Coordinates: 19°51′00″S 57°47′00″E / 19.850037°S 57.783333°E / -19.850037; 57.783333


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