Round Lake (Washington)

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Round Lake
US-WA-Round lake-north west bank-tar.jpg
LocationClark County, Washington, near Camas, Washington
Coordinates45°36′06″N 122°24′13″W / 45.60167°N 122.40361°W / 45.60167; -122.40361Coordinates: 45°36′06″N 122°24′13″W / 45.60167°N 122.40361°W / 45.60167; -122.40361
Primary inflowsLacamas Creek
Catchment area43,000 acres (174 km²)
Basin countriesUnited States

Round Lake is a small lake in Camas, Washington, USA. The lake is connected at its north-west tip to Lacamas Lake. Lacamas Park includes access to Round Lake for fishing, picnicing, grilling, hiking, and jogging. The park includes a trail that goes entirely around Round Lake, and across the approximately 75-foot (23 m) dam that controls the level of Lacamas Lake and Round Lake. Anglers can expect to find rainbow trout, brown trout, bluegill and smallmouth bass.

Water quality[edit]

Lacamas Park also contains a small information center that describes the deteriorating water quality in both Lacamas Lake and Round Lake. According to the signs present, precipitation captured over 43,000 acres (174 km²) forms the Lacamas Creek which flows into both Lacamas Lake and Round Lake. This water contains a higher than normal amount of pollutants which are rapidly diminishing the water quality of both lakes.

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