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Round Oak Steel Terminal is a railway freight terminal dealing in steel from the Round Oak Steel Works until 1982 and from other sources thereafter, in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, England managed by Tata Steel Europe.


The terminal was opened on 21 August 1986 and is situated on the former Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton Line north of Stourbridge Junction. The line north of Stourbridge and south of Blowers Green railway station was closed pre-Beeching in 1962 except for freight traffic, and trains run to Round Oak Steel Terminal and the nearby Moor Lane Goods Yard.

The terminal consists of sidings adjacent to factories. Just after the terminal, the railway line ceases to be in use at the Highgate Road overbridge, Harts Hill. The line beyond here was closed in 1993 and most of the track between there and the Blowers Green overbridge (approximately one mile away) has been removed, though the line is set to re-open during the 2010s as a shared line between freight trains and Midland Metro trams (the latter running as far as Wednesbury).

Today's usage[edit]

Trains arrive at the terminal from Llanwern Steel Works and Margam. They are generally hauled by Class 60s, although the general replacement of this locomotive with Class 66 locomotives has meant the latter now appears just as often.

There are seven services operating from the Terminal on all weekdays except Friday, where just four operate.

There are no booked trains on a Saturday, but three trains operate on a Sunday.

Additionally, a trial scrap train ran from the Terminal to Cardiff Tidal on 14 and 15 February 2007. This now runs when required, on Fridays from Moor Street Goods Yard.

Midland Metro[edit]

A £1,100,000/15-year-long regeneration project will see the former Round Oak station become part of the local tram network with the line reopening between Walsall, Dudley Port railway station, Dudley railway station and the Merry Hill Shopping Centre for trams on one track and for freight on the other. The freighters would continue on past Brettell Lane railway station and on to the main line at Stourbridge Junction.[1] The closed section of railway through Dudley is expected to re-open during the 2010s,[2] as a combined Midland Metro tramway and a heavy rail line for goods trains.

Train Services today[edit]

Today, the following services operate Monday - Thursday:

Train 1;
6M11 2335 Margam Steel - Round Oak
6V05 1001 Round Oak - Margam Steel

Train 2;
6M81 0443 Margam Steel - Round Oak
6V07 1454 Round Oak - Margam Steel

Train 3;
6M41 1151 Margam Steel - Round Oak
6V61 2145 Round Oak - Margam Steel

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  • [1] Showing the "end of the line"
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Coordinates: 52°28′49″N 2°07′51″W / 52.48028°N 2.13083°W / 52.48028; -2.13083