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A Round Up in operation at Stricker's Grove
Drive of a Round Up at a German fun fair

Round Up is an amusement ride consisting of a circular horizontal platform with a vertical cage-like wall around the edge. The platform is attached to a motor on a hydraulic arm. The ride starts out by spinning until the centrifugal force is enough to push riders against the wall. Then the arm raises the horizontal platform to a vertical position in which riders, instead of spinning horizontally, are now spinning almost vertically.

The ride spins for a predetermined cycle until an automatic timer releases the hydraulic fluid from the arm, causing the platform to return to its horizontal position. The operator may be required to manually control the spin of the ride such that the ride's exit aligns correctly with the exit gate. Most Round Ups require the rider to be at least 42 inches tall.

In the UK this ride is commonly known as the 'Meteorite' or 'Meteor'. The first such ride to arrive in the UK was with Rose Brothers in the 1950s and the ride came from Germany.

Although Hrubetz examples exist in the UK other common makes include Cadoxton and Sam Ward.

Zero Gravity[edit]

The new portable model, made by Dartron, is known as Zero Gravity. The ride's lighting and appearance has changed, but its operation remains the same.

There are 70 Round Ups in the US, 40 in the UK, and 20 in Australia.[citation needed]


The Meteorite in action at Worden Park

Past appearances[edit]

  • Halley's Comet at Kings Island (1972–1979), Mason, Ohio
  • Satellite (later renamed Super Round Up) at Kennywood (1957–1985), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (moved to Idlewild Park)
  • Super Round Up, J&J Amusements
  • Propeller Spin at Knott's Berry Farm (1976-1989) Situated in the park's former Roaring 20s Airfield section it featured a large propeller spinning in the center.
  • Super Spiral at Martin's Fantasy Island {1993 - 2001 removed in 2002} Located where Tilt-A-Whirl is. Removed due to age.
  • Pharaoh's Eye at Canada's Wonderland (1981-1987)was removed to make room for Racing Rivers in 1988. It was located in Grande World Exposition Of 1890. Psyclone and Sledge Hammer sit on the Former site of Pharaoh's Eye and Swing Of Siam(now Swing Of The Century across from Crystal Arcade in Action Zone).Pharaoh's Eye was bought by an amusement park in South America after the 1987 Season.
  • The Round Up at Frontier Village (1961-1980)


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