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ConvenorMichael Tien
Founded7 May 2017
Split fromNew People's Party
IdeologyConservatism (HK)
Political positionCentre-right
Regional affiliationPro-Beijing camp
Colours     Blue
Legislative Council
1 / 70
District Councils
7 / 458
NPC (HK deputies)
1 / 36
CPPCC (HK members)
0 / 124
Traditional Chinese實政圓桌
Simplified Chinese实政圆桌
Literal meaningreal political circle table

Roundtable is a pro-Beijing political organisation founded in 2017 by Michael Tien after he quit the New People's Party. The group currently holds one seat in the Legislative Council, occupied by Michael Tien, and seven seats in the District Councils.[1]

The organization was founded after Tien complained that the New People's Party was becoming too close to Beijing.[2][3]

Although it is aligned with the pro-Beijing camp, Roundtable has found itself at odds the camp on certain issues. One such example is when Tien supported scrapping the pro-Beijing extradition law.[4] Another example is when he supported an independent inquiry into police abuses.[5]

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