Route 10 (Shuto Expressway)

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Shuto Urban Expwy Sign 0010.svg

Route 10 (also known as the Harumi Route) is one of the routes of the Shuto Expressway system in the Tokyo area. It is currently 1.5 km in length and runs northwest from the Shinonome Junction (with the Bayshore Route) in Kōtō-ku, ending at a local road in Toyosu. The expressway opened to traffic on February 11, 2009, and currently consists of only one lane in each direction. A 1.2 km-long extension from Toyosu to Harumi is scheduled to open in 2012.[1]

List of interchanges and features[edit]

No.[2] Name Connections Notes Location
(all in Tokyo)
Harumi IC Not yet in operation; scheduled to open in 2012 Chūō-ku
1004 Toyosu IC Northbound exit and southbound entrance only Kōtō-ku
JCT Shinonome JCT Shuto Urban Expwy Sign B.svg Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route to Urayasu and Yokohama


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