Route 11 (Shuto Expressway)

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Shuto Urban Expwy Sign 0011.svg
Near Shibaura Rest Area
Shibaura JCT
Safety barrier against golf balls

Route 11 (also known as the Daiba Route) is one of the routes of the Shuto Expressway system in the Tokyo area. Route 11 runs from Shibaura Junction (with the Haneda Route) in Minato-ku and runs for 3.9 km through Rainbow Bridge. The Route 11 ends at the Ariake Junction connecting with the Bayshore Route in Kōtō-ku.

Originally, the route number was "12" in the urban planning.


It runs through Rainbow Bridge that is renowned for its beautiful scenery, so sometimes, especially holidays, a high concentration of cars on the bridge causes chronic traffic congestion.

Exit List[edit]

Municipality Exit/interchange name Destinations Notes
Minato-ku Shibaura JCT Haneda Route Accessible from outbound only
Minato-ku Shibaura Rest Area Accessible from inbound only
Minato-ku Daiba Outbound exit/inbound entrance
Kōtō-ku/Minato-ku Ariake JCT Bayshore Route


  • The entire expressway opened on August 26, 1993.

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