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Massachusetts Route 183 marker

Route 183
Map of Berkshire County in western Massachusetts with Route 183 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MassDOT
Length 31.94 mi[1] (51.40 km)
Major junctions
South end Route 183 in Colebrook, CT
  US 7 / Route 23 in Great Barrington
North end US 7 / US 20 in Lenox
Counties Berkshire
Highway system
Route 181 Route 186

Massachusetts Route 183 (MA 183) is a north–south state highway in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. The entire route travels from Lenox to Sandisfield at the Connecticut state border. The entire route is 32.0 miles (51.5 km) long (51.50 km), with several miles running in a silent concurrency with other routes.

Route description[edit]

Route 183 begins at the Connecticut state line in Colebrook, Connecticut as a northern continuation of that state's Route 183. Massachusetts's Route 183 runs northwest through the town of Sandisfield as Sandy Brook Road. The route runs northwest through the wooded sections of Sandisfield, soon crossing into the town of New Marlborough, changing monikers to New Marlborough Road. Reaching downtown New Marlborough, Route 183 intersects with Route 57 (New Marlborough Sandisfield Center Road).[2]

Route 183 and Route 57 become concurrent through downtown New Marlborough, changing names to Hartsville New Marlborough Road. After downtown, the two routes meander to the northwest as a two-lane rural road through Berkshire County, reaching the village of Hartsville. Route 183 and Route 57 cross into the town of Monterey and parallel the shores of Lake Buel. Now known as Pixley Road, the routes reach a junction with Route 23 (Main Road).[2]

Route 183 south approaching the junction with Route 102 in Stockbridge

Route 57 terminates while Route 183 joins Route 23 along Monterey Road, running westward before changing names to State Road. Entering the city of Great Barrington, Route 23 turns southwest into downtown while Route 183 runs north onto a concurrency with U.S. Route 7 (US 7) along Stockbridge Road. Route 183 and US 7 run north along the winding Housatonic River. At the junction with Old Stockbridge Road, Route 183 forks to the northwest from US 7.[2]

Route 183 soon changes names to Park Street, entering the village of Risingdale. In Risingdale, Route 183 turns north along the shoreline of the Housatonic. After a voyage along the riverside, the route crosses the Housatonic and enters the village of Housatonic. Now on the western shore of the river, Route 183 runs north along the riverside on Front Street along tracks owned by the Housatonic Railroad. Crossing into the town of Stockbridge, Route 183 begins winding eastwar along the riverside for several miles.[2]

Northbound Route 183 entering Lenox

At Butler Road, the river bends southeast while Route 183 continues northeast through Stockbridge, crossing a junction with Route 102 (West Stockbridge Road). A short distance north, the route crosses under the Mass Pike (I-90) and enters the community of Interlaken. Route 183 wanders north through Stockbridge before entering the town of Lenox, where it gains the name of West Street. Running into downtown Lenox, Route 183 reaches a junction with Route 7A (Main Street).[2]

Route 183 and Route 7A become concurrent through downtown Lenox along Walker Street, but it is short lived as Route 7A forks to the southeast less than a mile later. Route 183 continues east along Walker Street out of downtown Lenox and into an intersection with US 7 and US 20, which connect to Pittsfield.[2]

Major intersections[edit]

The entire route is in Berkshire County. [3]

Location[3] mi[3] km Destinations Notes
Sandisfield 0.000 0.000 Route 183 Continuation from Connecticut
New Marlborough 7.353 11.834 Route 57 east (New Marlborough Sandisfield Center Road) Southern end of concurrency with Route 57
Monterey 13.368 21.514 Route 23 east (Main Road) to Route 8 Southern end of concurrency with Route 23; western terminus of Route 57 and its concurrency with Route 183
Great Barrington 16.849 27.116 US 7 south (State Road) / Route 23 west – Egremont, Sheffield Northern end of concurrency with Route 23; southern end of concurrency with US 7
18.243 29.359 US 7 north (Stockbridge Road) – Stockbridge Northern end of concurrency with US 7
21.160 34.054 Housatonic River
Stockbridge 25.332 40.768 Route 102 (West Stockbridge Road) – West Stockbridge, Lee
25.583 41.172 I‑90 / Mass Pike No access between MA 183 and I-90 (Mass Pike).
Lenox 30.888 49.709 Route 7A north (Main Street) Southern end of wrong-way concurrency with Route 7A
31.068 49.999 Route 7A south (Kemble Street) Northern end of wrong-way concurrency with Route 7A
31.915 51.362 US 7 / US 20 (Veterans Memorial Highway) Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Closed/former
  •       Concurrency terminus


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