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Route 1 is one of the radial routes of the Shuto Expressway system in the Tokyo area. Route 1 has two segments: a northern segment (known as the Ueno Route) connecting Chūō-ku to Taito-ku via Ueno; and a southern segment (known as the Haneda Route) connecting Minato-ku to Haneda in Ota-ku. The two segments are connected by the Inner Circular Route.

Ueno Route[edit]

Shuto Urban Expwy Sign 1-Ueno.svg

The Ueno Route is 4.4 kilometres long beginning at Edobashi Junction at the Inner Circular Route and ending at a local road National Route 4 (Showa-dori avenue) in Taito-ku. It also serves Ueno Station. There are plans to extend the Ueno Route further north to the Central Circular Route.

Municipality Exit/interchange name Destinations Notes
Chūō-ku Edobashi JCT Route C1 to Ginza and Haneda Access from inner loop and to outer loop only
Chūō-ku Hommachi
Taito-ku Ueno Ueno Station Outbound exit/inbound entrance
Taito-ku Iriya National Route 4 Outbound exit/inbound entrance

Haneda Route[edit]

Shuto Urban Expwy Sign 1-Haneda.svg
Near Tennōzu Isle, Shinagawa
Near Shibaura

The Haneda Route is 13.8 kilometres long, from Hamasakibashi Junction in Minato-ku to the Haneda Exit at Kampachi-dori (Tokyo's #8 ring road) near the Haneda Airport in Ota-ku. The expressway continues as Kanagawa Route 1 (Route K1) into Yokohama.

Municipality Exit/interchange name Destinations Notes
Minato-ku Hamasakibashi JCT Route C1 Outer Loop to Shibuya and Shinjuku
Route C1 Inner Loop to Ginza and Hakozaki
Minato-ku Shibaura JCT Route 11 to Kuko-chuo (Haneda Airport) and Bayshore Route via Rainbow Bridge.
Minato-ku Shibaura
Shinagawa-ku Oi JCT To inbound from Bayshore Route only
Shinagawa-ku Katsushima Inbound exit/outbound entrance
Shinagawa-ku Suzugamori Outbound exit/inbound entrance
Ota-ku Heiwajima Kannana-dori (Tokyo's #7 ring road)
Ota-ku Showajima JCT Bayshore Route to Urayasu and Higashi-Kanto Expressway Access from inbound only
Ota-ku Kuko-nishi Haneda Airport (West Entrance) Outbound exit/inbound entrance
Ota-ku Haneda Kampachi-dori (Tokyo's #8 ring road) Expressway continues as Route K1