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The Route 1 Flea Market was an indoor flea market in New Brunswick, New Jersey from the 1970s to 1996.[1]


The site started as the home of Mary Ellis.[2] The site was a Great Eastern Department Store in 1955. In the 1970s it became the Route 1 Flea Market. One exterior shot of the site was used in the movie Mallrats. The site was converted into a Loews Theater on November 22, 1996 and the Mary Ellis grave is extant at the site.[2]

The flea market was the birthplace of Megaforce Records when the owners of the Rock and Roll Heaven booth created the label to get the unsigned bands their production company was promoting a record deal. The first band they signed to their newly created record label was Anthrax.


  1. ^ "AMC Loews New Brunswick 18". Cinema Treasures. Retrieved 2009-12-20. Built on the site of the old Route 1 Flea Market at the junction of Routes 1 and 18, the 79,516-square-foot Loews New Brunswick was the circuit's first to feature stadium seating and non-traditional concessions fare. 
  2. ^ a b Martin, Antoinette (November 6, 2005). "A Sentimental Developer Saves a Grave.". New York Times. Retrieved 2007-08-21. This story concerns real estate in the 21st century, but it starts with a long-ago romance. Sometime in the 1790's, a woman named Mary Ellis arrived in New Brunswick and fell in love with a sea captain who had been an officer in the Revolutionary War. The captain soon put out to sea again, heading down the Raritan River toward New York Harbor, but he left behind his trusty horse - and a promise to marry Mary when he returned. The graves of Mary Ellis and two others are to be moved to a site closer to the Raritan River if the Raritan Heights development is built. Every day for years after, as local legend has it, Mary rode her sweetheart's steed to the riverbanks, waiting for her beloved to reappear. In 1813, she purchased a piece of property overlooking the river from which she maintained the daily watch - until she died, her love unrequited, in 1826. 

Coordinates: 40°29′17″N 74°24′52″W / 40.4881°N 74.4145°W / 40.4881; -74.4145