Route 264 (Israel)

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Route 264 is a north-south regional highway in southern Israel. It connects Highway 25 at HaNasi junction with Highway 40 at Kama junction. It is 14.5 km long.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Kilometers Name Location Intersecting routes
Route 264
0 HaNasi junction Eshel HaNasi ISR-HW25.png Highway 25, ISR-HW31.png Highway 31
5 Mishmar HaNegev junction Mishmar HaNegev Local road
6.5 Rahat south junction Rahat Yitzhak Rabin Road
10.5 Shoval junction Shoval, Rahat Local road
14.5 Kama junction Beit Kama ISR-HW40.png Highway 40, ISR-HW293.png Route 293

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