Route 30 (film)

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Route 30
Route 30 (film).jpg
Directed by John Putch
Written by John Putch
Starring Dana Delany
Curtis Armstrong
David DeLuise
Christine Elise
Kevin Rahm
Robert Romanus
RT30 Collective
Release date
  • July 2007 (2007-07) (Dances with Films)
Country United States
Language English

Route 30 is a 2007 independent comedy film written by John Putch, and starring Dana Delany, Curtis Armstrong, David DeLuise, Christine Elise, Kevin Rahm and Robert Romanus. Route 30 was released on DVD in the U.S. on Nov. 17, 2009.[1]


Three interconnecting stories about some rural folks in South Central Pennsylvania. First film in the Route 30 Trilogy. 'Deer Hunters' Wives' tells of the frustrations of Civil War tour guide Mandy (Nathalie Boltt), who obsesses on Jennie Wade, the only civilian killed at the battle of Gettysburg. While her friend June (Christine Elise McCarthy) struggles with an internet porn scheme to make extra money. 'What I Believe' focuses on a man (Kevin Rahm) who seeks the help of a Christian Scientist (Wil Love) to heal his back pain and explain the Big Foot that chased him down the mountainside. 'Original Bill' is the story of a writer (David DeLuise) who buys a farmhouse in the country in hopes to find unique inspiration to write his novel. He is sidetracked by his Amish neighbor (Dana Delany), who smokes, drinks, swears and watches his TV.


Production notes[edit]

The character of Original Bill is based on the director's father, Bill, and his summer theater. The elder Putch was the husband of actress Jean Stapleton and teacher of actresses Shirley Jones.[2]

Route 30 is the first film in a trilogy.


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