Route 41 (Iceland)

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Route 41 shield}}

Route 41
Reykjanes Highway in red
Route information
Existed: 1912 – present
Major junctions
Northern end: 40 Kringlumýrarbraut
  49 Miklabraut
413 Breiðholtsbraut
411 Arnarnesvegur
40 Fjarðarhraun
Western end: Pictograms-nps-airport.svg Keflavik International
Highway system
National Roads in Iceland
Route 41 in Reykjavík
Route 41 between Reykjavík and Keflavík

Route 41, known as Reykjanesbraut in Icelandic is a highway in south-west Iceland, running along the northern shore of Reykjanes peninsula and through the Capital Region.

Previously, much of the road was called Keflavíkurvegur but the name is now given to route 424 that runs from Reykjanesbraut through outer Njarðvík and Keflavík. The current road is mostly dual and controlled-access. In addition to being the main road between Reykjavík and Keflavík, it serves as a major traffic artery in the eastern and southern suburbs of the Capital Region. It runs from the intersection of Miklabraut-Sæbraut-Vesturlandsvegur south towards Hafnarfjörður, where it bends, and continues from there to Keflavík. The road was finished in 1912 and was paved in 1965. The year 2003 saw the start of construction to upgrade the non-urban part to a four-lane road. This was completed by October 2008.[1]


As a national highway the route includes a large part of Sæbraut, a local road in Reykjavík that begins at the northern end of Reykjanesbraut. Therefore, The stretch of Sæbraut east of Kringlumýrarbraut is marked as number 41.


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