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Shinjuku Route

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Miyakezaka JCT
Route 4 on a map of the Shuto Expressway system
Route 4 on a map of the Shuto Expressway system

The Shinjuku Route (新宿線, Shinjuku-sen), signed as Route 4 is one of the radial routes of the Shuto Expressway system in the Tokyo area. Route 4 runs west from Miyakezaka Junction (with the Inner Circular Route) in Chiyoda-ku and runs for 8.44 miles (13.5 km) through Shinjuku-ku, Shibuya-ku, and Suginami-ku. The Route 4 designation ends at the Takaido Interchange and the expressway continues as the intercity Chūō Expressway to Nagoya via Yamanashi and Nagano Prefecture.


  • August 2, 1964 - Miyakezaka Junction - Hatsudai Temporary Exit section opened
  • August 15, 1973 - Eifuku Exit - Takaido Interchange section opened
  • September 27, 1973 - Hatsudai Exit - Eihuku Exit section opened
  • May 18, 1976 - Completing the entire route.

Exit list[edit]

Municipality Exit/interchange name Destinations Notes
Chiyoda-ku Miyakezaka JCT Route C1 Outer Loop to Ginza and Hakozaki
Route C1 Inner Loop to Meguro and Haneda
Shinjuku-ku Gaien National Stadium of Japan, Meiji Jingu Stadium
Shibuya-ku Yoyogi Meiji Jingu Shrine Outbound exit/inbound entrance
Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku Shinjuku Station, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office No outbound entry ramp
Shinjuku-ku Nishi-shinjuku JCT Route C2 Outer Loop to Kumanocho JCT(Route 5).
Route C2 Inner Loop to Ohashi JCT(Route 3) and Bayshore Route.
Outer Loop connected on Dec 22. 2007. Inner Loop connected in 2009).
Shibuya-ku Hatsudai National Route 20, also known as Kōshū Kaidō avenue Inbound exit/outbound entrance
Shibuya-ku Hatagaya National Route 20 Outbound exit/inbound entrance
Suginami-ku Eifuku National Route 20
Suginami-ku Takaido Kampachi-dori (Tokyo's #8 ring road) No outbound entry rampway
Road continues as Chūō Expressway