Prince Edward Island Route 5

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Route 5 shield

Route 5
48th Road
Route information
Maintained by Prince Edward Island Transportation and Public Works]
Length: 27.8 km[1] (17.3 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Route 1
  213, 216, 320, 323, 22 356
East end: Route 4
Highway system

Provincial highways in Prince Edward Island

Route 4 Route 6

Prince Edward Island Route 5 is a highway in eastern Prince Edward Island.

Route 5 begins at the Trans Canada Highway, Prince Edward Island Highway 1 bearing east. It passes the junctions with Robertson Road and Klondike Road, arriving at Monaghan Road or Route 213 at km 7.5 (mi 4.7). Routes 5 and 213 form a concurrency for 0.3 kilometers (0.2 mi) in a southward direction. Junction Route 216, Avondale Road is at km 12.0 (mi 7.5). Route 5 passes the junction with Gauls Road, Fariville Road, till the junction with Route 213, Brothers Road at km 16.4 (mi 10.2), within Kings County. At km 18.5 (mi 11.5), Route 5 meets with the intersection of Route 323, Curran Road. At km 18.5 (mi 11.5), Route 5 makes the intersection with Route 22. Route 5 continues west meeting Old Mt. Stewart Road and Route 356 at a 5 corners intersection. Route 5 continues in a south east direction passing Johnston Road, and Straghbohgle Road before ending at km 27.8 (mi 17.3), Route 4[1]


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