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Route 66 often refers to U.S. Route 66. It also may refer to:


Organizations and places related to U.S. Route 66[edit]



  • Route 66, a 1960s television series
    • "Route 66 Theme", the television series theme song
    • Route 66, a television series from 1993, which was an sequel to the 1960s one
  • Route 66, a film from 1998
  • Route 66: An American (Bad) Dream, an open source film produced by VEB Film Leipzig
  • "Route 66" (song), also known as "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66"
  • Route 66 (composition), a orchestral composition from 1998 by Michael Daugherty
  • Pixar's November 2001 working title of the movie Cars (2006). By April 2002, however, the title was changed to prevent people from thinking it was related to the television series.
  • Route 66, an American band
  • Route 66, a map on the video game Overwatch

Public transport[edit]

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