Route Twisk

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Route Twisk
R38943394595 Tai Mo Shan Road (大帽山道) turn-off on Route Twisk.JPG
Tai Mo Shan Road turn-off on Route Twisk. MacLehose Trail Stage 8 runs along this road.
Native name荃錦公路  (Chinese)
Length11.5 km[1] (7.1 mi)
FromTsuen Kam Interchange
Tai Mo Shan Road
ToLam Kam Road
InaugurationLate 1940s
Route Twisk
Traditional Chinese荃錦公路
Simplified Chinese荃锦公路

Route Twisk is a steep and tortuous dual-lane road in Hong Kong, linking Tsuen Wan and Pat Heung via Shek Kong. It joins Kam Tin Road and Lam Kam Road north in Kam Tin, and ends in the Tsuen Kam Interchange south in Tsuen Wan.

It was named for the initials of the two places it links: Tsun Wan (ie Tsuen Wan) and Shek Kong.[2] A further suggestion is that it was a misprint of the identification Route TW/SK in a construction project document.

It is the only link to Tai Mo Shan Road, the road leading to Tai Mo Shan, the highest peak in Hong Kong. The last section of Stage 8 of the MacLehose Trail runs along Tai Mo Shan Road. Opposite this intersection is a car park, and the starting point of Stage 9 of the trail, which continues in a westerly direction. Because the road is narrow and steep with many bends, vehicles longer than 10 metres are prohibited.[3]


In the late 1940s, Route Twisk was built for military use.[4] In early 1960s, Hong Kong Government sought successfully to acquire the road from the British forces and opened it to the public on 25 May 1961.[citation needed]

The road ended in Castle Peak Road in Tsuen Wan originally. It was shortened to Tsuen Kam Interchange for the construction of MTR Tsuen Wan Line.

Major intersections[edit]

Tsuen WanTsuen Wan0.000.00 Route 9 (Cheung Pei San Road) / Tai Ho Road North / Texaco Road NorthRoundabout; Also known as Tsuen Kam Interchange
Tsuen Wan
Yuen Long District line
Tai Mo Shan6.23.9Tai Mo Shan Road
Yuen LongTai Lam11.57.1Kam Tin Road / Lam Kam RoadRoundabout
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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