Route du Vin Half Marathon

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Route du Vin Half Marathon
The Moselle River, which the race course is set alongside
Date Late September
Location Remich, Luxembourg
Event type Road
Distance Half marathon
Established 1962

The ING Route du Vin Half Marathon (French: ING Route du Vin Semi-Marathon) is an annual road running competition over the half marathon distance (21.1 km/13.1 mi) which takes place in late September in Remich, Luxembourg. It is organised by the Luxembourg Athletics Federation and it is a member race of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races.[1] It is sponsored by ING Luxembourg.

Established in 1962, the name for the competition stems from the region's wine-making tradition (Route du Vin being the French for Wine Route).[2] The race has had a number of different courses. In the early life of the race the course began in Schengen and finished in Wormeldange. This changed in 1975 to begin in Remich and end at Grevenmacher. The current course (with a start and finish in Remich) was first put to use in 2000. The distance of the race has also varied: it was not reliably measured for the half marathon distance until 1995. The first four editions were too long, as was the 1972 race. From 1966 to 1979, the courses were generally short and from 1979 to 1999 the times run on the course were aided by an overall downhill elevation. Since 2000, the times set on the course have been eligible for record making purposes.[3] The course now follows a north–south loop alongside the left bank of the Moselle River and starts and ends near the centre of the town.[4]

The race began as a men's only competition and women were first included in 1974. A total of 1358 runners took part in the event in 2013 (1062 men and 296 women).[5] It is one of two major road running events in the country that attracts elite runners and a mass field, alongside the annual Luxembourg Marathon.

The 2009 women's winner, Shitaye Gemechu, was disqualified after testing positive for the banned blood booster EPO (making her the first Ethiopian runner to be banned for abusing that substance).[6]

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record   Non-half marathon (or aided) distance

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1962  Jean Aniset (LUX) 1:11:58a Not held
2nd 1963  Gustav Disse (GER) 1:09:25a
3rd 1964  Karl-Heinz Paetow (GER) 1:17:02a
4th 1965  Aurèle Vandendriessche (BEL) 1:07:12a
5th 1966  Aurèle Vandendriessche (BEL) 1:05:45a
6th 1967  Friedel Wiggershaus (GER) 1:04:17a
7th 1968  Alfons Ida (GER) 1:05:34a
8th 1969  Michael Rowland (GBR) 1:04:16a
9th 1970  Kazimierz Podolak (POL) 1:03:20a
10th 1971  Paul Angenvoorth (GER) 1:05:32a
11th 1972  Théo Bock (LUX) 1:08:15a
12th 1973  Rolf Burscheid (GER) 1:05:42a
13th 1974  Edmundo Warnke (CHI) 1:02:12a  Manuela Angenvoorth (GER) 1:22:18a
14th 1975  Paul Angenvoorth (GER) 1:05:08a  Irene Rirang (GER) 1:25:01a
15th 1976  Tom Fleming (USA) 1:06:03a  Jeanny Mahnen (LUX) 1:29:40a
16th 1977  Paul Angenvoorth (GER) 1:01:22a  Manuela Angenvoorth (GER) 1:16:36a
17th 1978  Jochen Schirmer (GER) 59:40a  Dorette Janssens (BEL) 1:13:39a
18th 1979  Ali Gammoudi (TUN) 1:10:47a  Jeanny Mahnen (LUX) 1:30:13a
19th 1980  Justin Gloden (LUX) 1:07:22a  Fernande Schmit (LUX) 1:26:08a
20th 1981  Martin Kuster (SUI) 1:06:46a  Jeanny Mahnen (LUX) 1:24:58a
21st 1982  Martin Kuster (SUI) 1:06:25a  Jeanny Mahnen (LUX) 1:28:00a
22nd 1983  Alex Hagelsteens (BEL) 1:05:24a  Ingris Vanderheyden (BEL) 1:28:14a
23rd 1984  Alex Hagelsteens (BEL) 1:01:21a  Marie-Christine Deurbroeck (BEL) 1:14:03a
24th 1985  Karel Lismont (BEL) 1:04:39a  Marie-Christine Deurbroeck (BEL) 1:20:47a
25th 1986  Alex Hagelsteens (BEL) 1:02:46a  Carla Beurskens (NED) 1:08:56a
26th 1987  Geert Deruddere (BEL) 1:02:29a  Danièle Kaber (LUX) 1:11:33a
27th 1988  Kurt Stenzel (GER) 1:01:02a  Heather MacDuff (GBR) 1:14:15a
28th 1989  Alfredo Shahanga (TAN) 1:02:47a  Rosa Mota (POR) 1:10:36a
29th 1990  Julius Korir (KEN) 1:01:18a  Rosa Mota (POR) 1:09:52a
30th 1991  Julius Korir (KEN) 1:00:31a  Rosa Mota (POR) 1:09:56a
31st 1992  Joseph Keino (KEN) 1:03:55a  Nadezhda Wijenberg (NED) 1:13:27a
32nd 1993  Boay Akonay (TAN) 1:01:12a  Angelina Kanana (KEN) 1:10:00a
33rd 1994  Julius Korir (KEN) 1:01:28a  Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 1:10:38a
34th 1995  Tendai Chimusasa (ZIM) 1:00:26a  Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 1:08:12a
35th 1996  Thomas Osano (KEN) 1:00:44a  Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 1:08:43a
36th 1997  Joseph Chebet (KEN) 1:00:53a  Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 1:10:41a
37th 1998  Sammy Korir (KEN) 1:00:15a  Catherina McKiernan (IRL) 1:08:54a
38th 1999  Elijah Lagat (KEN) 1:00:24a  Katrin Dörre (GER) 1:09:34a
39th 2000  Joseph Mereng (KEN) 1:02:24  Ikumi Nagayama (JPN) 1:10:25
40th 2001  Paul Kipkemboi (KEN) 1:03:05  Luminita Zaituc (GER) 1:11:04
41st 2002  Barnabas Kenduiywo (KEN) 1:02:07  Edith Masai (KEN) 1:10:10
42nd 2003  Paul Kanda (KEN) 1:02:36  Restituta Joseph (TAN) 1:09:42
43rd 2004  Moses Kipkosgei Kigen (KEN) 1:01:38  Helena Javornik (SLO) 1:09:22
44th 2005  Wilson Chebet (KEN) 1:02:19  Joan Aiyabei (KEN) 1:12:36
45th 2006  Francis Larabal (KEN) 1:00:29  Anne Kosgei (KEN) 1:11:47
46th 2007  Wilson Chebet (KEN) 1:00:13  Mary Ptikany (KEN) 1:10:13
47th 2008  Charles Korir (KEN) 1:02:09  Mamitu Daska (ETH) 1:12:36
48th 2009  John Mwangangi (KEN) 1:00:36  Eunice Kales (KEN) 1:12:54
49th 2010  Leonard Langat (KEN) 59:56  Pauline Ngigi (KEN) 1:11:17
50th 2011  Leonard Langat (KEN) 1:01:07  Abebech Afework (ETH) 1:10:30
51st 2012  Richard Mengich (KEN) 1:00:48  Farida Chelegat (KEN) 1:10:36
52nd 2013  Jackson Kibet (KEN) 1:01:31  Zinash Haile (ETH) 1:12:41
53rd 2014  Peter Some (KEN) 1:03:12  Violah Jepchumba (KEN) 1:13:20
54th 2015  Paul Kipkemoi (KEN) 1:02:04  Yeshi Chekole (ERI) 1:12:17


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