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The Francilienne (green), super peripherique A86 (blue) and the Périphérique (orange)
Grand contournement (light blue) compared with the three ring roads: the Francilienne (green), A86 (dark blue) and the Périphérique (innermost, orange)

The Francilienne (pronounced: [fʁɑ̃siljɛn]) is a partial ring road around Île-de-France (Paris' région), France, lying outside the A86.

The planned ring is approximately 50 km (31 mi) in diameter, similar in size to London's M25 motorway. Started in 1970, the existing segments cover about two-thirds of the circle, under different names (A104, N104, N184). Construction of the western sections, which would complete the Francilienne, was projected during the late 2000s to take place between 2011 and 2015. All future construction is to be to motorway standard and will be designated as A104 only.

However the publication of the National Infrastructure Priority report 'Mobilité 21'[1] in June 2013 has now pushed the completion of the western section back to beyond 2021 and possibly beyond 2030 as it is relegated to a low (2nd class) priority national infrastructure project (along with another €80 billion of road rail and river/port projects) and behind some €30 billion of high-priority (1st class) projects that are likely to be all that is constructed between 2017 and 2030 in France under currently projected budgetary constraints.[2]

The south eastern portion of the Francilienne, the N104 between the A4 and A6, is severely congested and carries a high percentage of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic. Some parts of the N104 are being upgraded to three lanes each way in the vicinity of the A4 as of 2013. The French government has not yet designated any of the lanes as high-occupancy vehicle lanes, however.

The Francilienne is the third Paris ring road, enclosing the A86 super-périphérique, which in turn encloses the Périphérique.

Enclosing the Francilienne itself is the very large[clarification needed] and incomplete Grand Contournement, the south-eastern portion of which has yet to be constructed.

Exit list[edit]

Exits are numbered in a clockwise (inner) direction.

# Destinations Notes
A 1 – Aéroport Charles de Gaulle, Lille
A 1 / E 19 – Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, Cergy-Pontoise, Paris (Centre, Porte de la Chapelle)
A 3 / E 15 to A 86 / A 10 – Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Bobigny, Garonor, Centre Commercial Régional
D 170 / S 41 to A 16 – Amiens, Sarcelles, Gonesse
1-01 Z.I. Paris Nord II, Parc des Expositions (exposants-livraisons), Parc Départemental du Sausset, Circuit Carole
1-02 Parc des Expositions (visiteurs) No clockwise entrance
1-03 N 2 – Aulnay-sous-Bois Counterclockwise end of N2 overlap; counterclockwise exit and clockwise entrance
1-04 Villepinte, Sevran, Tremblay-en-France
N 2 – Soissons, Z.I. Mitry-Compans, Dammartin-en-Goële Clockwise end of N2 overlap
5 Mitry-Mory, Villeparisis (Gare)
6b Meaux, Claye-Souilly Clockwise exit and counterclockwise entrance
6a Bobigny, Villeparisis (Centre), P.A. de L'Ambrésis Signed as exit 6 counterclockwise
7 Chelles, Le Pin, Thorigny Clockwise exit and counterclockwise entrance
8 Meaux, Villevaudé, Base de Loisirs de Jablines Counterclockwise exit and clockwise entrance
9 Chelles Counterclockwise exit and clockwise entrance
D 934 – Marne-la-Vallée (Val de Lagny), Lagny-sur-Marne, Coulommiers
10 Marne-la-Vallée (Val Maubuée Nord) Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes, Vaires-sur-Marne, Parc de Loisirs de Torcy
11 Marne-la-Vallée (Val Maubuée Centre, Val de Bussy), Torcy, Collégien (Centre), Centre Commercial Régional
D 471 – Collégien (Z.A.), Gretz-Tournan
A 4 – Metz, Nancy, Reims, Meaux, Marne-la-Vallée (Val de Bussy, Val d'Europe) Counterclockwise end of A4 overlap
10.1 Marne-la-Vallée (Val Maubuée Sud), Z.A. Pariest, Lognes, Croissy-Beaubourg
A 4 – Paris, Créteil, Cité Descartes, Marne-la-Vallée (Porte de Paris) Clockwise end of A4 overlap
D 499 – Marne-la-Vallée (Val Maubuée Centre), Noisiel, Torcy
13 D 406 – Marne-la-Vallée (Val Maubuée Sud), Z.A. Pariest, Lognes, Émerainville
14 D 361 – Pontault-Combault (Gare), Roissy-en-Brie (Centre, L'Ayau), Parc d'Activités des Arpents
15 Parc d'Activités de Pontillault Counterclockwise exit only
16 D 21 – Pontault-Combault (Centre, Z.A. Croix Saint Claude), Roissy-en-Brie (Morbras, Centre)
17a N 4Champigny, Pontault-Combault (Le Pavé), Chennevières, Centre Commercial
17b N 4Nancy, Ozoir-la-Ferrière
18 D 51 – Lésigny (Centre, Romaine, Autres Quartiers), Férolles-Attilly
19 Lésigny (Réveillon), Servon, Santeny
20 Férolles-Attilly Counterclockwise exit and clockwise entrance
21 N 19 – Créteil, Brie-Comte-Robert, Servon, Boissy-Saint-Léger
22 Brie-Comte-Robert (Centre) Counterclockwise exit and clockwise entrance
23 D 48 – Évry-Grégy-sur-Yerre Clockwise exit and counterclockwise entrance
A 5b – Lyon, Troyes, Provins, Melun, Moissy-Cramayel, Réau (Centre Aéronautique), Cesson (Vert Saint Denis), Évry-Grégy-sur-Yerre
24 Moissy-Cramayel, Combs-la-Ville, Parc de l'Écopôle
25 D 50 – Lieusaint, Parc de Parisud
26 N 6 – Créteil, Paris, Quincy-sous-Sénart, Brunoy, Épinay-sous-Sénart
A 5a – Troyes, Melun, Carré Sénart, Savigny-le-Temple, Lieusaint, Moissy-Cramayel
27 Carré Sénart, Tigery (Parc des Vergers), Saint-Pierre-du-Perray
28 D 33 – Créteil, Tigery (Bourg), Quincy-sous-Sénart, Brunoy, Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeil
29 D 448 – Corbeil-Essonnes (Rive Droite), Étiolles, Soisy-sur-Seine
30 Corbeil-Essonnes (Les Tarteréts, Centre), Z.I. de L'Apport Paris, Ports
32 N 7Évry (Centre, Village), Corbeil-Essonnes (Les Coquibus, Les Tarteréts)
33 D 446 – Corbeil-Essonnes (Centre, Les Coquibus), Lisses (La Remise), Courcouronnes, S.N.E.C.M.A., Évry (Les Aunettes)
A 6 / E 15 – Fontainebleau, Lyon, Mennecy
34 Évry, Lisses, Courcouronnes (Bois Briard)
35 N 449Évry (Bois Sauvage), Courcouronnes, Centre Hospitalier
A 6 / E 15 – Paris, Palaiseau, Ris-Orangis, Grigny, Viry-Châtillon
36 Évry (Centre), Courcouronnes, Centre Hospitalier
37 Bondoufle, Hippodrome, Bois de L'Épine, Ris-Orangis, Parc de Saint Eutrope Signed as exits 37a (Hippodrome, Parc de Saint Eutrope) and 37b (Bondoufle) clockwise
38 Aire de Fleury, Z.I. des Ciroliers Counterclockwise exit and entrance
39a Fleury-Mérogis, Grigny, Viry-Châtillon
39b Le Plessis-Pâté, Brétigny (Centre, Zone Industrielle)
40 Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, Z.I. la Croix Blanche, Le Plessis-Pâté
41 Saint-Michel-sur-Orge (Montatons), Brétigny (Rosière)
42 Saint-Michel-sur-Orge (Centre), Brétigny-sur-Orge (Centre), Longpont-sur-Orge
43 Étampes, Orléans, Paris (Porte d'Orléans), Arpajon, Leuville-sur-Orge, Linas, Montlhéry, Autodrome Signed as exits 43a (Paris) and 43b (Étampes) clockwise
A 10 / E 5 / E 50 – Chartres, Nantes, Orléans, Bordeaux
A 10 / E 5 – Lille, Palaiseau, Paris (Porte d'Orléans)
N 118 – Rouen, Versailles, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris (Porte de Saint-Cloud), Z.A. Cortaboeuf, Les Ulis

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