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The RN154 is a trunk road (nationale) in France linking Val-de-Reuil (near Rouen) and Artenay (near Orléans). A substantial portion of the road has been designated part of the outer Paris ring-road (premier cas/first - inner - solution), leading to an increase in traffic volumes. Partly because of this, the road has been or is being upgraded to dual carriageway for much of its length.

Upgraded sections[edit]

  • Val-de-Reuil-La Madeleine-de-Nonancourt
  • La Madeleine-de-Nonancourt-Dreux, (Route nationale 12) under construction
  • Dreux bypass, under construction
  • Dreux-Chartres, under construction
  • Chartres bypass, projected
  • Chartres-Artenay, projected


Val-de-Reuil to Dreux[edit]

Between La Madeleine-de-Nonancourt and Dreux, the road is called Route nationale 12

Dreux to Chartres[edit]

Chartres to Artenay[edit]

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