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The Route nationale 29 is a highway in Normandy and Picardy, north west France. It connects the city port of Le Havre with Amiens, Saint-Quentin and the Belgium frontier. Most of the route has been superseded by the A29 autoroute.


The road starts 52 km to the east of Le Havre at Yvetot at a junction with the N15. The road heads north east crossing the A29 autoroute. It passes the town of Yerville and at Totes has a junction with the N27. The road continues east until St-Saens where the road joins the N28. The old road is now numbered the RD928 and passes through the town and Foret d'Eway. The road joins the old N28 (now RD928) and heads into the town of Neufchâtel-en-Bray.

North east of Nefchatel the N29 recommences-s and a junction with the A29 autoroute and N28. Thereafter the road is numbered the N29 until the town of Aumale where it becomes the RD1029. The road by-passes to the north of the town of Poix-de-Picardie and then turns north east into the city of Amiens.

The road leaves Amiens to the south east along the Arve valley before turning east in a long straight road through Villers-Bretonneux and close to a 1st World War memorial to the Australian Army. The road crosses the A1 autoroute at Estrees-Deniecourt. It then passes the old N17 (now RD1017) and the Canal de la Somme. The road passes more war cenmeteries before entering the town of Saint-Quentin over the A26 autoroute.

The road continues over the Somme (still numbered the RD1029) and is now numbered the E44. The roads cross the Canal de la Sambre a l'Oise. It turns north east to the town of Guise crossing the River Oise. The road crosses the Foret Nouvion before entering the town of La Capelle and a junction with the N43 and N2 close to the frontier with Belgium.