Rovaniemen keskuskenttä

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Rovaniemen keskuskenttä, uudistettu.jpg
Full name Rovaniemen keskuskenttä
Coordinates 66°29′59″N 25°43′18″E / 66.49972°N 25.72167°E / 66.49972; 25.72167
Owner City of Rovaniemi
Capacity 2800 (2800 covered)
Field size 104 m x 67 m [1]
Surface artificial
Built 1953
Opened 1953
Renovated 2008-2009, 2014-2015
Rovaniemen Palloseura, FC Santa Claus

Keskuskenttä is a multi-purpose stadium in Rovaniemi, Finland. It is currently used for football matches, football training and sport classes of nearby schools and daycare centres. During winter there is a skiing track for young skiers. The stadium has covered seating capacity of 2 800, in two stands. Main stand capacity is 2000, second stand 800. Total capacity is up to over 5 000. For running there are three tracks, with fourth track in front of main stand. Lanes are green in color.

The stadium has a new floodlighting with capacity of 1000 lux installed in 2008. During summer 2009 the grass pitch was replaced with third generation artificial turf with under-soil heating. Cost of stadium renovation so far is 1,5 million euros.[1] During the grass pitch dig-up in June 2009, a German World War II -era 105-millimeter artillery shell was uncovered from ground.[2] The shell was promptly removed by Lapland Air Defence Regiment and subsequently safely detonated. The new main stand was built in 2014-2015. The new stand have dressing rooms and other facilities incorporated within the structure. Its capacity is 2000 covered seatings and it cost 4,8 million euros.[3]

Record attendance of 8 543 was made during the European Cup Winners Cup match between RoPS and Albanian KS Vllaznia Shkodër on November 4, 1987. In domestic league the record attendance is 5 471, during match between RoPS and HJK Helsinki in 1981.