Rovaniemi railway station

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Rovaniemi railway station
This train has arrived at Rovaniemi railway station in early morning, having left Helsinki railway station on the previous evening.

Rovaniemi railway station is located in Rovaniemi, Finland. The line from the south opened in 1909, and was extended to Kemijärvi in 1934. It features direct daytime and overnight passenger trains to Oulu, Tampere, Helsinki and Turku; as of March 2014 the overnight train provided the only passenger service north to Kemijärvi.

Electrification to Rovaniemi was completed in 2004 and extended to Kemijärvi in 2014, replacing diesel-hauled trains. Local newspapers have posted unofficial reports of the station being demolished at the beginning of 2012.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 66°29′53″N 25°42′26″E / 66.49803°N 25.70731°E / 66.49803; 25.70731