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Rover or rovers may refer to:

Automobiles and motorcycles[edit]

  • Freight Rover (1981–1986), a commercial vehicle manufacturing division of Leyland
  • Land Rover Group (1981–1987), a light commercial vehicle division of Leyland
  • Land Rover, a brand of 4-wheel drive vehicles by the British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover
  • MG Rover Group (2000–2005), a British mass-production car manufacturer, formerly the Rover Group
  • Rover Company (1885–1967), a British car manufacturing company, absorbed into Leyland Motor Corporation
  • Rover Group (1986–2000), a British car manufacturer, previously known as British Leyland
  • Rover Light Armoured Car, an armored car produced in Australia during World War II
  • Rover (marque), British automotive marque (brand) in use from 1904–2005
  • Rover (motorcycles), a British bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer before it began the manufacture of motor cars


  • GWR Rover class, a class of locomotives on the Great Western Railway
  • Rover, a GWR 3031 Class locomotive in service on the Great Western Railway between 1891 and 1915

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  • Elena Rover (born 1966), digital strategy consultant in the New York area
  • Jolanda de Rover (born 1963), former backstroke swimmer from the Netherlands
  • Rover Thomas (c. 1920–1998), Indigenous Australian artist


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