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Rowdy Rathore
Rowdy Rathore.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Prabhu Deva
Produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Ronnie Screwvala
Shabina Khan
Screenplay by Shiraz Ahmed
Story by S. S. Rajamouli
K. V. Vijayendra Prasad
Based on Vikramarkudu 
by S. S. Rajamouli & K. V. Vijayendra Prasad[1]

Akshay Kumar
Sonakshi Sinha
Vijay (actor)

Gurdeep Kohli
Music by Songs
Background Score
Sandeep Chowta
Cinematography Santosh Thundiyil
Edited by Sanjay Sankla
Distributed by UTV Motion Pictures
Release dates
  • 1 June 2012 (2012-06-01)
Running time
143 minutes[2]
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget 450 million (US$6.8 million)[3]
Box office 2.50 billion (US$38 million)[4]

Rowdy Rathore is a 2012 Indian action masala film directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by Rajat Rawail, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ronnie Screwvala. It is a remake of the Telugu film, Vikramarkudu. The film features Akshay Kumar in double roles opposite Sonakshi Sinha and Paresh Ganatra, Yashpal Sharma, Gurdeep Kohli in supporting role with Tamil actor Nassar as antagonist.[5] The music was composed by Sajid-Wajid and lyrics are penned by Faaiz Anwar and Sameer Anjaan. It marks the return of Akshay Kumar in the action genre after seven years.[6]

Rowdy Rathore revolves around a thief Shiva who falls in love with a young woman named Paro and later found a responsibility to take care for his deceased lookalike ACP Vikram Rathore's daughter while seeking revenge from the main antagonist Baapji. It was shot primarily in Mumbai at SLB production house and then in the state of Karnataka at locations of UNESCO World Heritage sites including Hampi.[7][8] Made on a budget of 450 million (US$6.8 million), Rowdy Rathore released on 1 June 2012 on 2700 screens worldwide.[3] It received mixed response from critics, whilst opening to strong box office collections and became a major commercial success with a worldwide gross of 2.01 billion (US$30 million).[4] The film was declared a "Blockbuster" in India and "average" in Overseas by Box Office India.[9] Rowdy Rathore has since emerged as one of the highest grossing films of all time in Bollywood. [10][11][12]


Shiva (Akshay Kumar) is a small-time thief in Mumbai who falls in love with Paro (Sonakshi Sinha) from Patna, who is in Mumbai to attend a wedding. Shiva makes his way into Paro's heart by attending the wedding. Slowly, she starts loving him. Shiva tells her the truth about him being a thief and resolves to give up crime forever because he loves Paro dearly. But before that, he decides to commit a large robbery along with his con-friend 2G (Paresh Ganatra) which would enable him to earn a lot of money and hence he can give up crime. He supposedly tricks a woman on a railway station (Gurdeep Kohli) and flees with a trunk. This leads Shiva to Chinki (Ananya Nayak), a girl who was in the trunk instead of the wealth he thought was there, who thinks that he is her father. Flummoxed by what is happening, but forced to keep Chinki with him as a police officer (Yashpal Sharma) keeps his eye on him.

While keeping Chinki with him, Shiva fears that he will get caught by Paro and lose her forever. He searches through the trunk, where he found Chinki, to see who is Chinki's real father. Shiva then spots a photo of Chinki and her father. Her father looks exactly like Shiva, realising why Chinki had called him her father. Surprised to see the photo, Shiva and 2G decide to go find Chinki's father.

Here it is revealed that Chinki's father is Vikram Rathore (Akshay Kumar), who is a danger to criminals. While chasing a goon to find his daughter, Rathore gets hit by an auto and falls down a hill. Then his brain gets aggravated and he gets severe pain. While being there for some time to hide from the goons who are after him, Rathore slowly makes his way to a faucet, turns it on, and runs water all over his head, making him come back to normal. At the hospital, his doctor tells him that the injury in his brain is very serious, and can put his life in danger.

After having Chinki with him for some days, Shiva gets fed up with her and breaks her tape recorder. The next morning, he hears Chinki cry. After Shiva learns that Chinki's mother died, he feels guilty for what he has done to Chinki and he starts to love and take care of her. Unfortunately, Paro sees this and misunderstands Shiva. She angrily leaves for Patna. Depressed, Shiva and Chinki walk sadly in Mumbai. Soon, the goons who are after Rathore, see Shiva. Thinking that he is Rathore, they start chasing him. While he and Chinki are running for their life, they encounter the lady at the train station as well as the police officer from earlier, who tell Shiva to run. While running, Chinki becomes unconscious. Shiva then reaches a construction site and is soon surrounded by the goons. Their leader pushes him down and says these things which Shiva has no idea about. It is revealed that Rathore is watching the whole thing from the top. Just as Shiva is about to get stabbed by a goon, Rathore quickly takes a weapon, jumps down and kills the goon.

The goons see this and are surprised to see two identical men. Even Shiva can't believe this. Rathore puts Shiva and Chinki in a cell for safety and locks them up. Then a fight starts in which Rathore beats up some goons. But while fighting, Rathore injures his brain, giving the goons the chance to attack him. Eventually, Rathore gets stabbed by the leader. But then rain starts to fall, bringing Rathore to his senses. He gets back up, even though he is severely injured, and kills every goon himself. After this, the railway station lady and the police inspector salute him. Rathore then collapses on the ground and faints. At the hospital, Shiva and Chinki appear to be okay, and Shiva realises that those two people he encountered before are real police officers. Shiva asks the doctor about Rathore. The doctor replies that the injuries are more than worse, but they're trying their best. The police officers then tell Shiva that the man who looks like Shiva is ACP Vikram Rathore, a disciplined and respected police officer. The police officers then narrate Shiva of this whole incident.

Six months ago in a village near Patna called Devgarh lived a goon who was called Baabji (Nassar). Together with his son Munna (Amit Kumar Tiwari), he used to trouble, torture and annexe money from people. When Rathore arrived to Devgarh, he found out about Baabji and his criminal activities and he immediately arrested his son. But Munna was released because Baabji was friends with the minister who pulled strings and rigged Munna's trial. Baapji then decides to have a party celebrating Munna's release, and at the same time, to humiliate Rathore. At the party, Munna decides to play a 'Tag' game, whereby policemen who got caught by Munna while escaping from him will have to remove their clothes. Munna takes the tagged policeman's belt and puts it around his neck. Rathore, being the next target, comes up with a plan. He moves back to the balcony and drops his bullets. Munna slips and falls out of the balcony and is then killed as he gets stragled by the belt wounding around a tree branch. The next day, Rathore gets attacked by Baapji's brother Titla (Supreeth Reddy) on Dusshehra where he is stabbed from the back as well as shot in the head while trying to save a village child. He is then assumed dead. While the police officers were getting ready to bury him, he started breathing. Apparently, he survived the attack. Everybody at the funeral promised not to disclose this to anybody. Then the officers quickly took Rathore to Mumbai for treatment. But a lot of doctors said that it was impossible to cure this injury.

After Shiva hears the whole story, the doctors come to them and say that Rathore doesn't have much time left. Rathore requests Shiva to take care of his daughter. Shiva promises and says that Chinki is now his daughter. Rathore smiles and dies while holding Shiva's hand.

After Rathore's death, Shiva vows to complete Rathore's unfinished work. He takes the identity of ACP Vikram Rathore. Rathore goes to Devgarh with Chinki to take revenge on Baabji. Rathore sets Baabji's liquor factory on fire and distributes the grains and money taken by Baabji back to the people. Baabji and his gang gets beaten up by the other police officers. Meanwhile, Paro finds out the truth about Shiva, Chinki, the death of her real father,and that Shiva is now & will always be Rathore. She apologises and tells Rathore that she will also take care of Chinki. Titla, who realises that Rathore is alive, kidnaps Paro and Chinki. Rathore appears and a fight starts. At the end of the fight, Rathore ties Titla and Baabji to a rope on a bridge and cuts the rope. Baabji and Titla fall hard on the ground and die. The people of Devgarh are now safe and they start a celebration. After getting promotion, Rathore marries Paro and starts his new life as a police officer with Paro, Chinki, and 2G.


Special appearances[edit]

Character map[edit]

Vikramarkudu (2006)
Ulta Palta 69 (2007)
Veera Madakari (2009)
Siruthai (2011)
Bikram Singha (2012)
Rowdy Rathore (2012)
Action Jasmine (2015)
Ravi Teja Manna Sudeep Karthi Prosenjit Chatterjee Akshay Kumar Bobby (Bangladeshi film actress)
Anushka Shetty Purnima Ragini Dwivedi Tamannaah Richa Gangopadhyay Sonakshi Sinha Symon Sadik



Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhudeva at the first-look launch of Rowdy Rathore.

Akshay Kumar learnt a special combat karate technique for his character role in the film.[14] Kumar reported that he had accepted the role in Rowdy Rathore since his son loves to watch him in action roles.[15] Sanjay Leela Bhansali teamed up with designer Shabinaa Khan to co-produce "Rowdy Rathore", which is his first film with Akshay Kumar.It is also Bhansali's first film as a solo producer and in action genre.[16] Maryam Zakaria was selected to perform an item number. Popular Tamil actor Vijay make friendly appearance in "Chinta Ta" song,[13] Prabhudeva himself appeared in the song.[17] Kareena Kapoor did a friendly appearance.[18]


The filming started on 10 August 2011. During the shooting for a climax scene, Akshay hurt his shoulder.[19] The police denied permission for shooting of Rowdy Rathore at the World Heritage Site Hampi, following protests from local activists and artists. The film unit consisting of director Prabhu Deva, actors Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and 50 other dancers left the site on Tuesday, authorities issued directions to the crew to stop shooting with immediate effect following violations of ASI conservation rules and for tranquillity. Local people and artists opposed shooting of a song sequence, featuring Akshay and Sonakshi, along with many dancers, scheduled to be shot at several heritage sites in Karnataka including the Vijaya Vittala temple, Lotus Mahal, Maha Navami Dibba and other historic places in the 15th century capital of the Vijayanagara Empire.[20]


The trailer of Rowdy Rahore was launched in an open stadium in Worli on 2 April 2012[21] and received over 2,295,756 views in under one month on YouTube.[22]

UTV tied up with radio channel Red FM for organising a contest titled "Rowdy Hunt" to look for social do-gooders and others who work towards social betterment – winners of the contest will accompany star Akshay Kumar to promote the film during his tours. The hunt has taken place in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mumbai and New Delhi, where callers were invited to share their grievances and tackle the culprit on a public platform in true "Rowdy" style. The RJ/host will then select five rowdies in each city based on a "Rowdy Meter" who will then comprise Akshay Kumar's Rowdy Gang in a particular city.[23]

The cast and crew went to Dubai as part of promotional tour.[24] Sonakshi Sinha promoted the film on Big FM. On 26 May 2012, she promoted the film on Dance India Dance Lil' Masters on Zee Tv, and the Zee Network are giving out free cinema tickets to people who are correct in the Safari Cinema.[25] Wardrobe company Dollar Industries has tied up with the producers to promote their products with the film.[26]


Rowdy Rathore
Soundtrack album by Sajid-Wajid
Released 27 April 2012 (27 April 2012)
Recorded 2012
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 29:34
Label UTV
Producer Sajid-Wajid
Sajid-Wajid chronology
Housefull 2
Rowdy Rathore
Teri Meri Kahaani

The soundtrack is by Sajid-Wajid and was released 25 April 2012. The line "Chinta Ta Ta Ta" and part of its music has been borrowed from the original song of its Telugu version which was confirmed by Wajid.[27] Kumar Sanu has sung a song for this film, making his comeback after four years.[28]

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Dhadang Dhang Dhang"   Faaiz Anwar Sajid, Shreya Ghoshal 4:35
2. "Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita"   Sameer Anjaan Mika Singh, Wajid 4:21
3. "Aa Re Pritam Pyaare"   Sameer Anjaan Mamta Sharma, Sarosh Sami 4:19
4. "Chamak Challo Chel Chabeli"   Faaiz Anwar Kumar Sanu, Shreya Ghoshal 5:04
5. "Tera Ishq Bada Teekha"   Sameer Anjaan Javed Ali, Shreya Ghoshal 4:25
6. "Chandaniya (Lori Lori)"   Sameer Anjaan Shreya Ghoshal 3:52
7. "Rowdy Mix"   Shiraz Ahmed & Sajid Akshay Kumar, Sarosh Sami 4:13
Total length:


The film received a U/A certificate from Central Board of Film Certification and the film's satellite rights was sold for 350 million (US$5.3 million).[29] The film released worldwide on 1 June 2012. Rowdy Rathore was released in 2,300 screens in India and around 400 screens overseas.[3][30]

Critical reception[edit]

Rowdy Rathore received mixed reviews from critics. Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film 4 stars, saying, "If you savor typical masaledaar fares, this one should be on your have-to-watch listing for certain. Dhamaal entertainer!"[31] DNA India gave 3 stars out of 5 and said, "Rowdy is Akshay's return to action. And how! The actor takes charge of the film from the first scene and holds it tight all through. To put it simply, the film is to Akshay what Wanted was for Salman!"[32] Srijana Mitra Das for The Times of India gave the film 3 stars of 5, and said, "Fans will love Akshay's mooch-twirling masala-act but be ready for hardcore action too — some pretty gruesome."[33]

Mrigank Dhaniwala for gave it 3 stars out of 5, and gave the verdict that the film entertains in parts. "Watch it for Akshay Kumar's performance and the comedy."[34] Shomini Sen from Zee News also gave 3 stars out of 5 and said, "The premise of the film may be good, but the treatment is that of a typical south Indian pot boiler."[35] Based on 21 reviews, review aggregate site gave the verdict, "Although the movie doesn't do complete justice to the original Telugu blockbuster, it does have some funny dialogues and action sequences that will make you want to whistle! Rowdy Rathore is a one time watch." The site's average audience rating is 3/5.[36]

Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN gave movie 1 star out of 5 and said "Rowdy Rathore is the kind of movie that's made by people with a cash register in place of their brain. Because no legitimate reason, other than financial gain, can justify why this movie was made – it has no story or plot whatsoever, the characters are entirely forgettable, and it's so long and loud and silly that the laughs dry up early on. That the film has such impressive pedigree – it's produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, directed by Prabhudeva, and stars Akshay Kumar – is both baffling and shameful."[37] Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV gave the film 2 stars out of 5, saying, "Rowdy Rathore plays out pretty much like a comic-book fantasy rendered in the form of a live-action film. Go for it if you must, but don't expect the earth from it."[38] Blessy Chettiar of DNA India gave the film 2 stars out of 5, concluding, "Akshay's me-too is fun while it lasts. Watch it for him, lest he feels bad for jumping on the South remake bandwagon too late to get any attention."[39] Raja Sen of too gave the film 2 stars out of 5, and commented, "It can hardly be called a film, but ah well. Watch it if only to remind yourself of old Khiladi flicks...."[40] criticised the film's illogical plot, however concluded saying, "Overall, Rowdy Rathore is a total paisa wasool film, hence it's a must watch."[41]

Trisha Gupta of Firstpost reviewed "Rowdy Rathore is a mess of maal, masala and moustache while it has neither the wit nor the charm needed to craft a real send-up".[42] Mayank Shekhar, on his website, says "While you can't tell one Akshay Kumar from the other in this film, you obviously can't tell this film from any other action hit from recent or distant past either. That's what a dead formula film is supposed to be. Going by box-office figures, the producers, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and UTV, are certain this is what the audiences currently desire. They probably do. Is this what they deserve? I'm not sure.[43]

Box office[edit]

Rowdy Rathore had been the most appreciated film since Dabangg released in 2010. It had seen the best word of mouth since Dabangg which is reflected in trending of its first three-week run.[44] Good word-of-mouth had helped it to take its distributor share to 740 million (US$11 million) in India at the end of its run.[45] Rowdy Rathore has emerged one of the biggest grosser ever in Mumbai circuit and grossed 515.5 million (US$7.8 million) in seven weeks.[46]


The film took a bumper opening at single screens at an occupancy of around 95%–100%. It collected around 150.6 million (US$2.3 million) nett domestic in the opening day. Rowdy Rathore had a good opening weekend with collection of 475.0 million (US$7.2 million).[47] The film further collected 91.0 million (US$1.4 million) on Monday and 80 million (US$1.2 million) on Tuesday.[48] Rowdy Rathore had collected around 770 million (US$12 million) nett plus in its first week and this makes it the second highest collections ever for a regular Friday-Thursday week behind Dabangg, which collected 810 million (US$12 million) nett.[49] The collections of Rowdy Rathore were around 50 million (US$750,000) nett on its 8th day, which was better than the new release Shanghai on its first week.[50][51] The film collected a huge 335.0 million (US$5.1 million) nett in its second week taking the two-week business to 1095.0 million (US$17 million) nett.[52] It was steady on its third week as it collected around 21.0 million (US$320,000) nett on its third Friday despite being new release, Ferrari Ki Sawaari. It had collected 150 million (US$2.3 million) nett in third week, 46.1 million (US$700,000) in fourth week and 18.4 million (US$280,000) nett in fifth week thus taken its five weeks total to 1304.5 million (US$20 million).[45][53][54] The film eventually made 1.33 billion (US$20 million) in India.[55]


Rowdy Rathore had collected around 182.0 million (US$2.7 million) overseas in ten days. Collections had been considered average" in most circuits while UAE was the best.[56] Rowdy Rathore has finished around 292.0 million (US$4.4 million) and is an average fare overseas.[57]

Home Media[edit]

The satellite rights of the Hindi Version film were syndicated to Sony Television.[58] Later on, the film was also dubbed in regional languages- Tamil,Telugu and Malayalam. The rights of the Tamil Version were secured by Vijay TV.[59] The rights of the Telugu version were purchased by MAA TV.[60] The rights of the Malayalam version were acquired by Asianet.[61] All the three dubbed versions were given a U/A rating.

For theatrical release, the film was given a U/A certificate, but later on the film was recertified U by the censor board for video and release on Doordarshan.[62]


A sequel to Rowdy Rathore had been in the pipeline since 2012. In July 2014, it was confirmed by producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali and designer Shabina Khan that the sequel was being planned. Prabhu Deva will return to direct whilst Akshay Kumar will play the lead role once again. The female lead of the film is yet to be announced. Rowdy Rathore 2 is expected to start filming mid 2015.

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