Rowena, South Dakota

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Rowena (pronounced "roh-WEE'-nuh"[1]) is an unincorporated community in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. It is located along South Dakota Highway 42.

Rowena is located at 43°31′13″N 96°33′20″W / 43.52028°N 96.55556°W / 43.52028; -96.55556, just over a mile north of the border with Iowa, about 5 miles (8.0 km) east of Sioux Falls, and 5 miles (8.0 km) west of the Minnesota border, at an elevation of 1,411 feet (430 m). The ZIP Code is 57056.

Television towers[edit]

Two of the South Dakota's tallest structures are located near Rowena: the 666 2/3 yard high KDLT Tower, and the slightly shorter KELO TV Tower.


The community has the name of Rowena, a character in the novel Ivanhoe.[2]

Notable people[edit]