Rowing at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's coxless four

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Men's coxless four
at the Games of the XVIII Olympiad
VenueToda Rowing Course
Date11–15 October
Competitors56 from 14 nations
Winning time6:59.30
1st, gold medalist(s) John Hansen
Bjørn Hasløv
Erik Petersen
Kurt Helmudt
2nd, silver medalist(s) John Russell
Hugh Wardell-Yerburgh
William Barry
John James
 Great Britain
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Geoffrey Picard
Dick Lyon
Ted Mittet
Ted Nash
 United States
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The coxless four event was a rowing event conducted as part of the Rowing at the 1964 Summer Olympics programme.[1]


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Denmark (DEN)
John Hansen
Bjørn Hasløv
Erik Petersen
Kurt Helmudt
 Great Britain (GBR)
John Russell
Hugh Wardell-Yerburgh
William Barry
John James
 United States (USA)
Geoffrey Picard
Dick Lyon
Ted Mittet
Ted Nash



The top crew in each heat advanced to the final, with all others sent to the repechages.

Heat 1
1.  Denmark (DEN), John Ørsted Hansen, Erik Petersen, Kurt Helmudt and Bjørn Borgen Hasløv 6:51.78 QF
2.  Romania (ROU), Ştefan Pongratz, Ludovic Covaci-Borbely, Carol Vereş and Nichifor Tarara 6:57.35 QR
3.  Canada (CAN), Daryl MacDonald, Robert Brookson, Neil Campbell and Chris Leach 7:01.97 QR
4.  Australia (AUS), Richard Garrard, Peter Gillon, Simon Newcombe and Anthony Walker 7:03.40 QR
5.  Japan (JPN), Shunsuke Miki, Koju Tsukamoto, Yasuji Honma and Bunzo Kimura 7:24.35 QR
Heat 2
1.  Great Britain (GBR), John M. Russell, Hugh Wardell-Yerburgh, William Barry and John James 6:47.04 QF
2.  United States (USA), Geoffrey Picard, Dick Lyon, Ted Nash, Ted Mittet and Phil Durbrow 6:56.40 QR
3.  Netherlands (NED), Sjoerd Wartena, Jim Enters, Herman Boelen and Sipke Castelein 7:01.51 QR
4.  Argentina (ARG), Juan Francisco Zanassi, Atilio Kesunza, Jorge Meana and Juan Alberto Iannuzzi 7:08.60 QR
5.  Italy (ITA), Romano Sgheiz, Fulvio Balatti, Giovanni Zucchi and Luciano Sgheiz 7:11.65 QR
Heat 3
1.  United Team of Germany (EUA), Günter Schrörs, Horst Effertz, Albrecht Müller and Manfred Misselhorn 6:37.83 QF
2.  Soviet Union (URS), Celestinas Jucys, Eugenijus Levickas, Jonas Motiejūnas and Anatoly Sass 6:40.12 QR
3.  France (FRA), Jean-Pierre Drivet, Roger Chatelain, Philippe Malivoire and Émile Clerc 6:45.95 QR
4.  Austria (AUT), Dieter Ebner, Horst Kuttelwascher, Dieter Losert and Manfred Krausbar 6:48.18 QR


The top finisher in each of the three repechages joined the finalists. The second and third place finishers competed in a consolation final for 7th-12th places. All other crews were eliminated.

Repechage 1
1.  United States (USA) 6:38.93 QF
2.  France (FRA) 6:42.85 QC
3.  Japan (JPN) 7:00.29 QC
4.  Australia (AUS) 7:01.07
Repechage 2
1.  Italy (ITA) 6:34.61 QF
2.  Soviet Union (URS) 6:37.86 QC
3.  Canada (CAN) 6:53.38 QC
4.  Argentina (ARG) 7:07.83
Repechage 3
1.  Netherlands (NED) 6:29.42 QF
2.  Romania (ROU) 6:30.37 QC
3.  Austria (AUT) 7:25.83 QC

Consolation final[edit]

The consolation final determined places from 7th to 12th.

7.  Soviet Union (URS) 6:22.03
8.  Austria (AUT) 6:24.15
9.  Romania (ROU) 6:27.28
10.  France (FRA) 6:38.32
11.  Canada (CAN) 6:45.50
12.  Japan (JPN) 6:51.60


Med 1.png  Denmark (DEN) 6:59.30
Med 2.png  Great Britain (GBR) 7:00.47
Med 3.png  United States (USA) 7:01.37
4.  Netherlands (NED) 7:09.98
5.  Italy (ITA) 7:10.05
6.  United Team of Germany (EUA) 7:10.33


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