Rowing at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's double sculls

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Men's double sculls
at the Games of the XVIII Olympiad
VenueToda Rowing Course
Date12–15 October
Winning time7:10.66
1st, gold medalist(s) Oleg Tyurin
Boris Dubrovskiy
 Soviet Union
2nd, silver medalist(s) Seymour Cromwell
Jim Storm
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Vladimír Andrs
Pavel Hofmann
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The double sculls event was a rowing event conducted as part of the 1964 Summer Olympics programme.[1]


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Oleg Tyurin
Boris Dubrovskiy (URS)
 Seymour Cromwell
Jim Storm (USA)
 Vladimír Andrs
Pavel Hofmann (TCH)



The top crew in each heat advanced to the final, with all others sent to the repechages.

Heat 1
1.  Seymour Cromwell and Jim Storm (USA) 6:31.63 QF
2.  Helmut Lebert and Josef Steffes-Mies (EUA) 6:41.24 QR
3.  Melchior Bürgin and Martin Studach (SUI) 6:45.58 QR
4.  Arnold Cooke and Peter Webb (GBR) 6:49.83 QR
5.  Barclay Wade and Gary Pearce (AUS) 7:01.21 QR
Heat 2
1.  Oleg Tyurin and Boris Dubrovskiy (URS) 6:51.03 QF
2.  Max Alwin and Peter Bots (NED) 7:07.52 QR
3.  Susumi Hosoya and Yasushi Murase (JPN) 7:25.64 QR
4.  Roberto Friedrich and Fernando Scheffler (MEX) 7:34.34 QR
Heat 3
1.  Vladimír Andrs and Pavel Hofmann (TCH) 6:39.67 QF
2.  M. de Meulemeester and Gerard Higny (BEL) 6:45.69 QR
3.  René Duhamel and Bernard Monnereau (FRA) 6:48.70 QR
4.  Juan Carlos Gómez and José María Robledo (ARG) 6:58.08 QR


The top finisher in each of the three repechages joined the finalists. The second and third-place finishers competed in a consolation final for 7th-12th places. The fourth-place finisher, in the only repechage with that many competitors, was eliminated.

Repechage 1
1.  Melchir Burgin and Martin Studach (SUI) 6:47.18 QF
2.  M. de Meulemeester and Gerard Higny (BEL) 6:49.28 QC
3.  Roberto Friedrich and Fernando Scheffler (MEX) 7:35.14 QC
Repechage 2
1.  Helmut Lebert and Josef Steffes-Mies (EUA) 6:39.92 QF
2.  Juan Gomez and Jose Robledo (ARG) 7:05.02 QC
3.  Hosoya Susumu and Murase Yasushi (JPN) 7:18.98 QC
Repechage 3
1.  René Duhamel and Bernard Monnereau (FRA) 6:49.38 QF
2.  Arnold Cooke and Peter Webb (GBR) 6:50.48 QC
3.  Max Alwin and Peter Bots (NED) 6:56.59 QC
4.  Barclay Wade and Gary Pearce (AUS) 7:07.12 13th

Consolation final[edit]

The consolation final determined places from 7th to 12th.

7.  Arnold Cooke and Peter Webb (GBR) 6:44.39
8.  Max Alwin and Peter Bots (NED) 6:47.07
9.  M. de Meulemeester and Gerard Higny (BEL) 6:49.70
10.  Hosoya Susumu and Murase Yasushi (JPN) 7:15.22
11.  Roberto Friedrich and Fernando Scheffler (MEX) 7:27.47
12.  Juan Gomez and Jose Robledo (ARG) Did not start


Med 1.png  Oleg Tyurin and Boris Dubrovskiy (URS) 7:10.66
Med 2.png  Seymour Cromwell and Jim Storm (USA) 7:13.16
Med 3.png  Vladimír Andrs and Pavel Hofmann (TCH) 7:14.23
4.  Melchir Burgin and Martin Studach (SUI) 7:24.97
5.  Helmut Lebert and Josef Steffes-Mies (EUA) 7:30.03
6.  René Duhamel and Bernard Monnereau (FRA) 7:41.80


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