The Rowland Institute at Harvard

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The Rowland Institute at Harvard
Research typeExperimental science
DirectorAndrew Murray
LocationCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Operating agency
Harvard University

The Rowland Institute at Harvard, formerly the Rowland Institute for Science, was founded by Edwin H. Land (founder of Polaroid Corporation) as a nonprofit, privately endowed basic research organization in 1980. The institute merged with Harvard University on July 1, 2002.[1] The Rowland Institute is dedicated to experimental science across a wide range of disciplines. Research subjects at the institute includes chemistry, physics and biology, and focus on interdisciplinary work and the development of new experimental tools. It is located on the Charles River near Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is a few miles away from the main campus of Harvard.

Rowland Fellows[edit]

The flagship program at the Rowland Institute is the Fellows Program.[2] The program supports early career experimental scientists.[3] Rowland Fellows receive funding for salary and research expenses and are allocated their own laboratory space. The Rowland Institute also provides technical support from permanent expert staff. The Fellowship lasts for five years, with continuation past two years contingent on a favorable internal review.[4]

Notable members and alumni[edit]

Past directors[edit]


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42°21′49″N 71°04′40″W / 42.3637°N 71.0779°W / 42.3637; -71.0779