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Rownd a Rownd
Theme music composerDr Jochen Eisentraut[1]
Country of originWales
Producer(s)Catrin Darnell and Cliff Jones
Running time20 minutes exclusive of commercial breaks
DistributorFfilmiau'r Nant (1995-2008)
Rondo (2008-present)
Original networkS4C
Original release11 September 1995 – present
Related showsPobol y Cwm
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Rownd a Rownd (English: "Round and Round") is a soap opera broadcast on the Welsh-language television channel S4C, starting in 1995. It was claimed to be the first Celtic-related language soap specifically directed at a youth audience.[2] It was originally broadcast as two 15-minute episodes each week throughout the year. The 1000th episode of the series was broadcast on Tuesday, 14 January 2014.


Rownd a Rownd was first broadcast in September 1995 and originally based on young people who did a paper round[3] (hence the programme's title, based on the wheels of a bicycle). It has since grown to include both their daily school and family life. Phil Redmond, creator of Grange Hill, Brookside and Hollyoaks, acted as a consultant to the series on its launch in 1995, and again on its tenth anniversary.[4] Rownd a Rownd has a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and a Youtube channel, which they post daily. In 2016, it celebrated its 21st birthday, with S4C broadcasting an anniversary special hosted by Tudur Owen.[5]

Film set for Rownd a Rownd in Menai Bridge


The series is filmed in Menai Bridge, Anglesey and Caernarfon, North Wales, produced by Rondo Media[6] (previously known as Nant Films). When it began the production company converted a disused garage in Dale Street (Welsh name: "Lon Cilbedlam") in Menai Bridge into a fake row of shops, which include a café, a hairdresser, a newsagent and a taxi firm. There is a sign outside this set informing the public that the shops are not real. School scenes are filmed in Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni and Ysgol David Hughes. Hospital scenes are often filmed in nearby Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, usually in one of the staff hostels.


Shopkeeper & Family[edit]

  • Philip Parry - Owner of the shop. Suffered from depression after his marriage broke down.
  • Alwena Parry - Philip's ex-wife. Now lives in Spain.
  • Mathew Parry - The oldest son. He is the deputy head teacher and physical education teacher at the local school. Sophie's ex-partner and fiancé to Sian before he was caught having an affair wth Llio James. Now single. Had a serious gambling obsession.
  • Sion Parry - Son who takes care of his uncle Wyn's affairs in Spain.
  • Dewi Parry - Son who dropped out of university and moved to Spain to live with his Mother, Alwena.
  • Iolo - Philip's nephew. Part-time outdoors instructor and barman at Copa.
  • Wyn Humphreys - Alwena's brother. Local business tycoon. Owns many of the town's buildings. Father to Dani and Siwan.

Salon Dani[edit]

  • Dani Keegan - The manager of the salon. Michelle and Wyn's daughter, half-sister to Britney and Siwan. David and Barry’s ex-girlfriend. In a relationship with Huw and currently living together.
  • Lowri - Soon to be divorced to Kelvin, her husband, after having a secret affair with Philip for over a year. Mother to Robbie and Mia. Good friend of Dani's and agony aunt.
  • Huw - Tattooed young man who is originally from South Wales. His family moved to Liverpool after his mother and father separated. Abused by his father when he was a child and has a younger sister called Bethan. Boyfriend to Dani. Believed-to-be called Jac Thomas and works as a hairdresser. Exposed as a fraud by Dani; his real name is Huw Dyfed Ellis and served time in prison for GBH on his father. Tried to keep his past behind him in order to hide his criminal record and dark lies.

Caffi Sgram[edit]

  • Glenda Phillips - Local gossip. She is married to Terry and is the mother of three daughters, a pair of twin girls, Manon and Menna, and Shopie.
  • Iris Hardy - The Hardy boys' mother; Barry, Jason and Dêl. Arthur's long-suffering partner. Separated from the boys’ father, Ben.

Richards Family[edit]

  • John Richards - Local business man who owns the garage. Father to Rhys and twins Wil & Erin. Sian's fiancé.
  • Rhys Richards - Glanrafon's mechanic. An openly gay man and was in a relationship with David before his death.
  • Erin - Wil's mischievous twin.
  • Wil - Tries his best to keep his sister out of trouble. Currently studying at Bangor University.
  • Delyth - Mother of John’s children who left them when they were young. Divorced John when she had an affair. Calls herself Mags now after moving back to the village from Chester in order to see her children. Runs the local bar, Copa.

Walsh Family[edit]

  • Ken Walsh - Owner of the local Taxi firm K-Kabs with his wife Kay.
  • Kay Walsh - Ken's sharp-tongued wife. Meical and David’s sister.
  • Kelvin Walsh - Young builder, divorced husband of Mari Llywelyn and father of her child, Kate. Divorced husband to Lowri too and paternal father to Robbie and father to Mia with Lowri. Works with Terry. Sentenced to 18 months in jail for smuggling drugs overseas in 2017.
  • Klaire Walsh - Local stylist, second child of Ken and Kay. Moved away to university to study nursing and later found a job.
  • Kylie Walsh - Ken and Kay's teenage daughter. Best friends with Britney. Works at Tŷ Pizza. Diagnosed with an unnamed heart disorder when she was a toddler, although was later healed.
  • Kate Walsh - Only child of Mari and Kelvin. Moved to Cardiff with her mother and her new boyfriend, John.


  • Michelle Keegan-Williams - Ran a cleaning business with husband Meical before their tax scandal. Mother to Britney, Dani and Jonathan (who currently is living in Australia). Moved to Newport in 2018 with Meical in order to run the family pub as a fresh start for both.
  • Meical Williams - Michelle's husband and Kay and David’s brother. Moved with his wife to Newport in July 2018.
  • Britney - Michelle's daughter, Meical's step-daughter. Kylie's best friend.

Owen Family[edit]

  • Carwyn Owen - Owner of the Yard shop for nautical supplies and kayaks for rent. Rumors suggest that he might have had an affair which forced the family to move to he village to save his marriage.
  • Gwenno Owen - Carwyn's wife, helps out in the shop and supply teacher at the school. Optimistic character. Cousin to Lowri.
  • Anest Owen - The daughter, helps out in the shop. Suffers from epilepsy and often gets fits. Good friends with Jason.
  • Iestyn Owen - The troublesome member of the family, still goes to school, in Kylie and Britney's year. Suspended from his old school for selling drugs which resulted in them moving to the village.


  • Islwyn Morgan - Original shop owner on the show. Fan favourite with the viewers. Left after twelve years. (1995-2007)
  • ‘Jim-Gym’ - Headmaster of the local school. Longest serving character from the show. Once a regular, he is now a recurring character.
  • Mr Lloyd - Resident of Glanrafon for many years. Respectable chapel organist.
  • Terry - Owner of construction company. Glenda's husband and father of three daughters. They will often foster.
  • Barry Hardy - Known as a former criminal though looks after his brothers and mother well. Runs Tŷ Pizza. Has one child, Tom, with girlfriend Carys. Diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2015.
  • Jason Hardy - Currently lives with Barry, Carys and Tom. Used to be in a relationship with Erin. Good friends with Anest.
  • Arthur - Iris' train-obsessed old bus driver partner. Runs his own delivery company. A comical and warm hearted man. Has a secret daughter whom unknowingly Terry and Glenda fostered, Angharad. Had an affair with a woman called Julie in 2013 but went back to Iris after realising his mistake.
  • Dyfan Llywelyn - Brother to Mari and uncle to Kate. Young entrepreneur who’s in a relationship with Angharad (also known as Harri). Both moved to Durham with their new child who Angharad had in her late teens.
  • D.I. Sian Hughes - Policewoman and John's fiancé. Miscarried her first child in a car accident. Sister to Alwyn (the previous owner of the garage) and aunt to Nel (who died on New Year's Eve 2015) and Dafydd.
  • Sophie - Glenda's daughter. Bitchy character who often quarrels with others. Mother to Owain and Mair. Used to be in a relationship with Mathew and Vince.
  • Cathryn - Ran the local bar Copa. She has a daughter, Siwan, with Wyn. Broke up with Vince after she had an affair with Iolo and moved to South Wales in order to look after her mother.
  • Vince - The local postman and taxi driver for K-Kabs. Ken and Meical's friend. Has a son called Callum (with a previous partner called Julie) who is currently in university.
  • Llio James- Young Welsh teacher from South Wales. She is Carys' sister. Popular in the village. Moved to South Wales to live with her mother in 2018.
  • Carys - Llio's arty sister. She has a child, Tom, with Barry and runs her own tailoring business.
  • David - Hard-working financial advisor. Half-brother to Kay and Meical. He was Dani and Rhys’ ex-boyfriend and first bisexual character in the show. Died in a car crash on 19 September 2017.
  • Dylan - ICT teacher from South Wales. Often seen at local events and good friends with Rhys. Often seen quarreling with Matthew.

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