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Satellite view of RIcha/Canhabaque
Island of Roxa/Canhabaque

Roxa or Canhabaque is an island in the Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau. Its area is 111 km² and is 20 km long and 11 km wide, almost the entire island are made up of mangrove forests.[1] Anagaru (Anagaro), Anchurupi, Bana, Egubane and Porcos are its surrounding islets located nearly 2 km north.[2] Its current population is around 3,000 to 4,000 and may have reached 5,000. Each village consists of a unity of social independence.

About the island[edit]

The island consists of 19 smaller villages and are: Anchurupi, Ambeno, Ambiur (Ambiour), Ambuduku (Amboudouco), Ancanho (Ankanio), Angojigen (Angogiguem), Angora, Angumba, Ankagium, Ankatip (Ancatipe), Bane, Bini, Ijoni, Indena, Inorei, Inhoda, Meneque (Meneke) and Nulon. Inorei is the chief village of the island and has its main port.

The islet also has its own lighthouse, its class of light is Fl (3) W 15s. and has a focla height of 24 metres (79 ft). Its range is 9 nautical miles.


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Coordinates: 11°14′40″N 15°43′25″W / 11.24441°N 15.72349°W / 11.24441; -15.72349