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Roxanne Pulitzer (née Renckens) (born February 10, 1951) is an American novelist and actress.[1] She attracted media attention in the 1980s during her divorce trial from Herbert "Peter" Pulitzer.[2]


Pulitzer was born Roxanne Renckens on February 10, 1951, in Cassadaga, New York, to Marilyn Pauline (née Simpson) and William James Renckens. When Renckens was young, her father left town at her mother's request. Her mother remarried to Tyrone H. Ulrich, a police officer. She has a sister, Pamela, and a brother, Keith.

Roxanne is a former cheerleader. Her first husband was Peter Dixon, whom she left while they were living in South Florida.[3]

She met Palm Beach-based newspaper tycoon Herbert "Peter" Pulitzer (heir to Pulitzer, Inc.) at a party; they married, and their twin sons Maclean Simpson Pulitzer ("Mac") and Zachary Simpson Pulitzer ("Zac") were born in 1978. In 1982, Herbert sued for divorce. Roxanne was granted custody in an emergency hearing. Circuit Judge Carl Harper slapped a gag order on all parties involved, to little effect. Herbert's main accusation was that Roxanne wrecked their marriage with adultery and drug abuse. Both claimed that the other had had sexual encounters with Jacquie Kimberly, wife of James Kimberly, heir to the Kleenex fortune.[2] Herbert also claimed she had affairs with four men, including Jacky Ickx, the racing driver.[4] Judge Harper eventually granted Herbert Pulitzer custody of the children. She received $48,000 in alimony over 2 years.[5] Roxanne appealed three times but was unsuccessful. She attracted media attention in 1983 during the proceedings;[6] many of the headlines about her were unfavorable, some referring to her as "Foxy Roxy".[7]

In 1984, they briefly resumed relations and considered remarriage.[5]

In 1991, she was involved in the divorce case of French count and racecar driver Jean de la Moussaye.[8]

In 1992, she married again, to speedboat racer John Haggin Jr.[9] Their marriage ended after 8 weeks.[10]

She is currently (as of 2011) married to Timothy S. Boberg[11] and resides in Palm Beach.[12]

Literary and media career[edit]

Pulitzer is the author of an autobiography, Prize Pulitzer: The Scandal That Rocked Palm Beach, and the novels Facade, Twins and The Palm Beach Story. Her autobiography was later adapted into a made-for-television movie, Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer, written from her point of view. She also appeared on the June 1985 cover and interior of Playboy Magazine.[13] The $70,000 she received was used to pay her divorce bills.[2]


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