Roxborough, Manchester

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Small rural community
Roxborough is located in Jamaica
Coordinates: 18°01′03″N 77°28′09″W / 18.0176°N 77.4691°W / 18.0176; -77.4691Coordinates: 18°01′03″N 77°28′09″W / 18.0176°N 77.4691°W / 18.0176; -77.4691

Roxborough is a former estate and now a small community south of Mandeville in Manchester, Jamaica. It was the birthplace of Jamaican National Hero and politician Norman Washington Manley.[1]

History of the estate and great house[edit]

The estate was originally called "Roxbro Castle".[1] Over the years the great house became derelict until, despite renovation proposals, it was destroyed by fire in 1968.[1] As of 2012 there are again proposals from the Jamaica National Heritage Trust to restore the building.[1]


The main economic activity is small-scale agriculture in which the principle crops are corn, bananas, sugarcane, ackee and marijuana.[citation needed]

Notable people[edit]

Notable people from Roxborough include:


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