Roxborough High School

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The Academies at Roxborough High School
The Academies at Roxborough High School is located in Philadelphia
The Academies at Roxborough High School
The Academies at Roxborough High School
The Academies at Roxborough High School is located in Pennsylvania
The Academies at Roxborough High School
The Academies at Roxborough High School
The Academies at Roxborough High School is located in the United States
The Academies at Roxborough High School
The Academies at Roxborough High School
6498 Ridge Avenue


CoordinatesCoordinates: 40°02′15″N 75°13′22″W / 40.0375°N 75.2228°W / 40.0375; -75.2228
TypePublic high school
School districtThe School District of Philadelphia
PrincipalDana Jenkins
Enrollment562 (2014-15)[1]

The Academies at Roxborough High School (commonly referred to as Roxborough High School) is a district-run high school servicing the Roxborough, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Wissahickon, Mt. Airy, and Germantown sections of Philadelphia.[2] Roxborough has three academies: The Ninth Grade Academy, The Academy of the Sciences, and The Academy of the Arts.[3] Roxborough High School's (CTEs) include Web Design, Cinematography, International Business, and Biotechnology.[4]


In 2006 school district officials stated that disorder was not increasing at Roxborough High while some teachers stated that it was.[5]

In 2010 Manayunk resident and Philadelphia School District teacher Keith Newman criticized the school district's handling of the high school, stating that it should not be ranked as "persistently dangerous" since it is in a relatively well-to-do area. At the time he was running for election for a political position.[6]

Roxborough alumnus Stephen Brandt made efforts to turn around the school during his time as principal. The school district had asked him, previously a Norristown School District employee, to help improve the high school. He received the 2013 Lindback Award for Distinguished Principal Leadership. In 2013 Brandt, then the outgoing principal, stated that Dana Jenkins was going to be the new principal.[7]

In 2016 the school received a $1 million grant from the Philadelphia School Partnership.[8]

Academic performance[edit]

In 2015 Jenkins stated that the graduation rate was 84%. A 2015 Philadelphia Inquirer article stated that the school, while experiencing issues involving a lack of resources, was one of the best-performing comprehensive high schools in Philadelphia.[9]

Feeder patterns[edit]

Roxborough's catchment includes those zoned to:[2]

  • Cook-Wissahickon School
  • Dobson School
  • Henry School
  • Houston School
  • John Story Jenks School
  • Lingelbach School
  • Mifflin School
  • Shawmont School

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