Roxbury Memorial Park

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Roxbury Memorial Park
Sign of Roxbury Memorial Park in Beverly Hills, California.JPG
Location471 South Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, California, 90212
Coordinates34°03′31″N 118°24′25″W / 34.0586°N 118.4070°W / 34.0586; -118.4070Coordinates: 34°03′31″N 118°24′25″W / 34.0586°N 118.4070°W / 34.0586; -118.4070

Roxbury Memorial Park is a public park in Beverly Hills, California.


The park is located at 471 South Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, California.[1][2] It is surrounded by Olympic Boulevard, South Roxbury Drive, and South Spalding Drive.[2] It is a few streets away from the Beverly Hills High School.[2]


The park is home to two lawn bowling and croquet greens, four tennis courts, basketball courts, children's playgrounds, locker shower rooms and restrooms.[1][3]

Moreover, since 1999, it has been home to a yellow rose garden in honor of Linda Tallen Kane, wife of David Paul Kane, a Beverly Hills businessman.[4]

In 2013-2014, a new clubhouse known as the Roxbury Park Community Center was constructed.[1] It will be dedicated on June 8, 2014[5]

Beverly Hills Lawn Bowling Club[edit]

It is home to the Beverly Hills Lawn Bowling Club founded in 1926.[6][7] It moved to Roxbury Memorial Park in the 1930s, when the first clubhouse was built.[7] Early players included actors Otto Kruger (1885-1974) and Edward Arnold (1890-1956).[7] Walt Disney (1901-1966) was also a donor and regular player.[7]

The Walt Disney Masters Singles are held once a year in his honor.[7]



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