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Gota Scene 1.jpg
Tranquil scene
Coordinates 58°30′N 15°41′E / 58.500°N 15.683°E / 58.500; 15.683Coordinates: 58°30′N 15°41′E / 58.500°N 15.683°E / 58.500; 15.683
Primary inflows Motala ström, Svartån, Stångån
Primary outflows Motala ström
Basin countries Sweden
Surface area 97 km2 (37 sq mi)
Max. depth 8 m (26 ft)
Surface elevation 32 m (105 ft)

Roxen is a medium-sized lake in south central Sweden, east of lake Vättern, part of the waterpath Motala ström and the Göta Canal. South of lake Roxen is the city Linköping.

Roxen, especially the western parts, is very good for bird watching. There are natural reserves at Kungsbro[1] and Svartåmynningen.[2]

The lake develops in a graben depression.[3]


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