Roy Asa Haynes

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Roy Asa Haynes
Roy Haynes 1a.jpg
Born 1881
Died 1941
Title United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Term 1920 to 1925
Successor Lincoln Clark Andrews

Roy Asa Haynes (1881–1940) was United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in charge of Prohibition enforcement from 1920–1925.[1] He was succeeded by political appointee Lincoln Clark Andrews, who reorganized the enforcement bureau.[2] He was the editor of a daily newspaper in Hillsboro, Ohio.[3] Haynes was appointed by Warren Harding and considered a puppet of the Anti-Saloon League.[4]


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Awards and achievements
Preceded by
James J. Couzens
Cover of Time magazine
23 July 1923
Succeeded by
Eleonora Duse