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Roy Butin with his harp guitar, New York, 1909.

Roy Butin (born Logan, Ohio, October 30, 1877 – died Los Angeles, August 15, 1943) was an American recording artist in the early 20th Century, known for his playing of the Harp guitar.[1] He recorded more than a dozen early cylinder and 78rpm records.[1] From at least 1906 to 1916, he performed as one half of The Olivotti Troubadours with Michael Banner[1]. Artists he recorded with also included Samuel Siegel, Valentine Abt, and W. Eugene Page.[1]

Contrary to popular belief, he was not part of the Ossman-Dudley Trio, which featured Vess Ossman on banjo, Audley Dudley on mandolin and George Dudley on harp guitar.[2]


Butin recorded 10 records with Victor Records in 1908.[3]

  • Estellita waltz (with Samuel Siegel)
  • American valor march (with Samuel Siegel)
  • In Fairyland (with Samuel Siegel)
  • Sweet memories (with Valentine Abt)
  • Manzanillo (with Valentine Abt)
  • Artist's valse (with Valentine Abt)
  • Evening star (with Valentine Abt)
  • Barcarolle (with Valentine Abt)
  • Fantasie (with Valentine Abt)
  • Polka scherzo (with W. Eugene Page)

Other recordings include:[1]

  • Gavotte Caprice (with Samuel Siegel on mandolin) 1909
  • Sugar Plum (with Samuel Siegel on mandolin) 1909
  • Carnival of Venice (the Ollivotti Troubadours: Michael Banner, violin and Roy H. Butin, (harp) guitar) 1909
  • Waltz (Waltz Caprice)(with Samuel Siegel on mandolin) 1909
  • Mobile Prance (with W. Eugene Page on mandolin) 9/21/1909
  • Polka Scherzo (with W. Eugene Page on mandolin) 9/21/1909


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