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Roy Henry Drinkard (born July 12, 1920, in Falkville, Alabama) is an American businessman who owns numerous properties and shopping centers throughout the Southeastern United States.[1] He currently resides in Cullman, Alabama, where he serves as president and CEO of Drinkard Development, Inc.,[2] a company which provides management, leasing and maintenance services for commercial properties. He was named 2007 City Family Patriarch by the Committee of Cullman Farm-City.[2]

Early life[edit]

Drinkard's father was a business man and the mayor of Falkville for twenty years.[3] Drinkard has five siblings, three brothers and two sisters.[3] He attended St. Bernard Preparatory School in Cullman.[4]

Drinkard served honorably in the US Marine Corps[4] during World War II as a Private First Class[citation needed]. For a time, Drinkard ran a funeral home in Guntersville. In 1949 Drinkard returned to Cullman and became an autotrader.[4] In April 2000, Roy H. Drinkard was appointed a trustee of Troy University[4] in Troy, Alabama by then Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.[1]

Many of the buildings owned by Drinkard are designed in German village-inspired themes, reflecting the German heritage and history of Cullman County, Alabama[citation needed].


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