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La Scapigliata in Carnelian, with close-up of mouth.

Roy Feinson is a South African born software engineer, author, and artist. Feinson patented #4754474A the first fully functional predictive text system that included disambiguation and local dictionary storage. One of the original pioneers in the field of photographic mosaics, he is credited for creating the genre known as impressionist mosaics in which the imperfections of natural materials such as turquoise or marble are organized to create ethereal imagery.

Feinson is the author of three books focused on the evolutionary underpinnings of human behavior. His books have been translated into ten different languages[1] including Mandarin, Japanese, Czech, Hebrew and French, and has been featured on CNN, The Dr. Phil Show[2] and CBS The Talk[3][4][5][6]

His novel theory of animal vision, The Zebra's Stripes, was presented to scientists at the National Institute for Standards and Technology in 2013 and addresses many unanswered questions in the field of animal behavior and camouflage.

Installations and awards[edit]

Unveiling of Grammy Awards 50th Anniversary artwork

2000: Winner of C-Span Presidential Art Contest. [1]

In 2006, Feinson was the featured artist for Disneyland's 49th Anniversary, where he created the largest photographic mosaic ever made, spanning over 10,000 square feet and featuring live performers carrying photographs of themselves and other cast members.

In 2007, Feinson was commissioned to create a series of 38 large-scale mosaic works for Disney's 50th anniversary's celebration, the Happiest Homecoming on Earth. A special feature, installed near the park's town hall, was the world's first tri-level mosaic; a giant mosaic of Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie made up of 1,000 portraits of Disney cast members, which in turn were mosaics composed of 600,000 photographs submitted by park guests.

In 2008, Feinson was selected as the featured artist for the Grammy Awards 50th anniversary. The artwork was unveiled by Quincy Jones, Joss Stone and Recording Academy President Neil Portnow who called Feinson "a true artistic innovator, and.. renaissance man" [2]. The Grammy artwork is part of the permanent collection at the Grammy museum in Los Angeles.

2009: Winner New York Times original science riddle. [3]

In 2014, Feinson was selected as the official artist for the 15th anniversary of the Latin Grammys.

Other installations[edit]

Honolulu International Airport
Detroit Science Center
Pentagon. Operation Grateful Nation
Detroit Zoo
Lurie Children's Hospital Chicago
Detroit Children's Hospital


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  • Das Tier in dir. (Broschiert)1999
  • Animal Attraction. (St. Martins Press)1999
  • The Secret Universe of Names (Overlook/Penguin)2004

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