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Roy Harter
Roy at MOTM 3.jpg
Roy Harter in his home studio, 2003
Background information
Birth name Roy Gunther Harter
Born (1973-03-06) March 6, 1973 (age 45)
Sunnyside, Queens, New York
Genres Country, Rock, Dub, Experimental
Occupation(s) Sound Designer, Musician, Radio Personality
Instruments Keyboards, Accordion, Theremin, Guitar

Roy Harter (born March 6, 1973) is a New York Emmy award-winning, composer, sound designer and audio mixer, best known for his work in television and film. He is also a multi-instrumentalist for various performing and recording artists. Harter is the founder and owner of the post-production facility SkinnyMan, located in Times-Square, New York.


Editional Effects[edit]

In 1998 Harter became co-owner of the audio division of the television post-production facility Editional Effects, (EENYC) located in Times Square, New York City. He set up and ran their audio division.[1]


In 2003 Harter set up his current television and film post-production facility SkinnyMan, located in Times Square, New York City. He has composed music, mixed television commercials, promos, and shows for many major television networks. SkinnyMan also currently serves as a home base and recording studio for all of Harter's musical projects.[2]


Using various musicians, including members of Paul Simon's band and Stiff Little Fingers, Roy Harter composed all the promotional music for the children's television network Noggin. The "Alley Pond Park Ensemble" he created for the project was given strict rules that only allowed the musicians to perform using common household items, such as pots and pans.[3]

Roy Harter giving a televised alpine bell performance in Times Square, New York

On October 21, 2005 Harter gave a televised alpine bell performance in Times Square, New York City. The event was sponsored by Verizon and aired on Nickelodeon. The performance was also simulcast on the Viacom Jumbo-Tron Screen in Times Square, New York.

During the summers, Harter performs at various European music festivals. He has performed on the main stage at the 2006 Beautiful Days Festival in Devon, UK, as part of Dan Donnelly's live band, Sonovagun. In 2008 he performed with Donnelly and Sonovagun on the Leftfield Stage at Glastonbury Festival. In 2010 and 2011 he performed at Beautiful Days Festival with The Fabulous Good Time Party Boys, as well as Donnelly. In 2013 he performed at Beautiful Days Festival with Goldblade, Dan Donnelly, and The Fabulous Good Time Party Boys.

From January 2007 to 2010, Harter hosted a weekly radio show entitled "Roy Harter's Outlaw Hour", airing every Sunday night on UK based, Tinternet Radio. The show was primarily a music program showcasing outlaw country and rebellious musical acts, both classic and modern.

Since 2011, Harter has become a regular character on "The Davey Mac Sports Program", hosted by Dave McDonald. He plays the musical sidekick character of "Roy Shaffer", often interrupting and accompanying the host with humorous musical stings. The live show can be heard on SiriusXM every Saturday night at 7-10 PM (EST) on the Opie Radio channel.

Roy Harter aka Roy Shaffer in the Opie and Anthony Studio

Harter is involved with The Beatles Complete On Ukulele project. This worldwide musical project, founded by David Barratt, features a re-recorded version of an original Beatles song, with a ukulele in every arrangement. Harter has produced tracks with radio personality Sherwin Sleeves, as well as bestselling author Deepak Chopra for the project.[4]

Harter is the music composer for the popular Nickelodeon game show, "Figure It Out".

In May 2015 he participated as accordionist in the recording of a song with The Celtic Social Club (collective of Scottish, Breton, French and New Yorker musicians) passing through New York. The album unplugged New York City was released in France on October 30 on the label Keltia Musique.


  • 2003: Tide – Composer
  • 2005: The Mad One – Actor
  • 2007: Area X - Composer
  • 2007: Astoria Park – Sound Design / Mix
  • 2007: The Slackers - Sound Design / Mix
  • 2008: Act As If - Sound Design / Mix
  • 2010: Go-Go - Composer / Sound Design / Mix
  • 2010: After the Catch (Season 4) - Sound Design / Mix
  • 2012: Nickelodeon's Figure It Out - Composer


As Roy Harter

As Audio Engineer or Producer

  • 2001: Liz Skillman - "In the Middle"[5]
  • 2002: Liz Skillman - "Wayphoria"
  • 2000: Abbey of Regina Laudis - "Women in Chant"
  • 2000: Bed Devils - "Le Caprice"
  • 1999: Dequincy's Dream - "Solfege"
  • 1998: Dequincy's Dream - "Jeepers Mister, Thanks for the Sweet Deal"

With Dan Donnelly & Sonovagun

  • 2006: Bootleg
  • 2006: The Beach E.P.
  • 2007: Yearning a Living
  • 2008: Live in NYC
  • 2010: Running E.P.
  • 2011: Country and Northern


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