Roy Montgomery

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Roy Montgomery
Born 1959 (age 58–59)
London, England
Genres Neo-psychedelia, post-rock
Occupation(s) Musician, professor
Instruments Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Years active 1980–present
Labels Drunken Fish, Kranky
Associated acts Dadamah, Dissolve, Grouper, Hash Jar Tempo, The Pin Group

Roy Montgomery (born 1959) is a composer, guitarist and lecturer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Montgomery's mostly instrumental solo works have elements of post-rock, lo-fi, folk and avant-garde experimentation. His signature sound might be described as atmospheric or cinematic, often featuring complex layers of chiming, echoing and/or droning guitar phrases. He is currently head of the Environmental management department at Lincoln University in New Zealand.[1]

Montgomery has played in several New Zealand bands since 1980, most notably The Pin Group, Dadamah, Dissolve and Hash Jar Tempo. He has also released solo albums on labels including Kranky and Drunken Fish.


Montgomery was born in 1959 in London, England and moved with his family to Cologne in Germany where he lived until the age of four.[2] His father was German and his mother was from the UK. As his mother worked for the British Forces Broadcasting Service, Montgomery was exposed mostly to the pop music of America rather than the music of Germany.[3] In mid-sixties he moved with his mother to Christchurch, New Zealand. In 1980, he formed The Pin Group with bass player Ross Humphries and drummer Peter Stapleton. The group debuted with the single Ambivalence in 1981, released though the newly founded label Flying Nun Records. They recorded handful of singles and performed only locally before disbanding in January 1982.[4] Montgomery later worked with Stapleton again in Dadamah, formed in 1990.

Montgomery had been composing and recording acoustic work since 1982, much of which he would integrate into his 1990s work.[3] Although he enjoys collaborating with other artists, Montgomery is mostly drawn to working alone, which he attributes to growing up as an only child. In 1995 he issued his debut solo effort Scenes from the South Island, which he recorded and performed by himself.






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