Roy Nachum

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Roy Nachum
EducationThe Cooper Union School of Art
Known forArtist
Notable work
The King (2010), Fire (2011), Crowns (2012), S3 (2015)
Spouse(s)Maia Nachum

Roy Nachum (born 1979) is a New York-based contemporary artist. He experiments with human perception through paintings, sculptures and installations. Nachum sees his work as an “eye opener”, a vehicle to allow viewers to confront their own existential apprehension. His work takes form through a series of unstructured experiments, Nachum analyzes the endless possibilities of a material or method to introduce an additional dimension to the work.[1] His works have been collected by many prominent art collectors and celebrities, such as: Laurence Graff, Jay Z, Sir Philip Green, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and Rihanna.[citation needed]


Nachum studied at Cooper Union in New York. He works in both New York and Italy.[1] Nachum's experimental paintings, installations and sculptures incorporate elements traditionally used in conceptual and interactive art. One recurring subject is the child with a gold crown covering his eyes (The King, 2010), suggesting man's blindness caused by displaced values and desire. In his Fire paintings (Fire, 2011), Nachum utilizes Braille text and ash; the works are executed with the participation of people who are blind, leaving fingerprints as documentation of human contact. In 2017 he was nominated for the 59th annual Grammy awards for best recording packaging for the art and art direction of Rihanna's acclaimed album Anti.[1]

Anti (2015)[edit]

Rihanna commissioned Nachum to create the album cover for her album Anti.

Barbadian singer Rihanna was first introduced to Nachum's work by her mentor Jay Z. Rihanna commissioned Nachum to create the artwork for her then upcoming eighth studio album Anti (2015)

In October 2015, Rihanna debuted her cover art for her eighth studio album.[3] The album cover by artist Roy Nachum, and was described by Rihanna as her "favorite album cover".[4]

Over the red, black and white canvas there is a poem written in Braille.[4] At the gallery, the album's back cover, along with multiple inside album artworks were revealed. The album back cover features a similar image of Rihanna as a child. Like the front cover the back art features Braille, while the inside cover features poetry sculpted in Braille by Nachum, the use of Braille has made the album to become the first album ever to incorporate physical Braille.[5] The front and back covers were titled “If They Let Us Part I” and “If They Let Us Part II” and featured a poem that was split over the front and back, another piece entitled "If They Let Us".[6] The inside booklet contains a further five pieces entitled “Fire Part I”, “Fire Part II”, “Fire Part III” and “R”.[6]

Public Art[edit]

Roy Nachum's paintings and art installations can be seen in 1OAK nightclub.[7] The sculpture "Kings" 2016 by the artist sits in front of the recently completed 5 Franklin Place condo in Tribeca in New York.[8]


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